Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wow... been a long time since I updated anything here.

Life, well it happens. Been quite a while since I posted, but there are pretty good reasons. Two changes in jobs, closing the commission painting business due to lack of clients, etc etc etc. Lets just call it no time and keep it simple.

As it stands I have a LOT of GW Dark Eldar and Space Marine product sitting on shelves that I'm going to be selling to clear space. Plus some specialty stuff I bought and I'm never going to get around to working on from other companies. It's pretty distressing to know my 'hobby time' is going to be practically non-existent for quite a while yet.

Geeze, thinking about it I haven't played a single 40k game in nearly 2 1/2 years, and about 2 for Infinity. I really need to get some table time with Infinity. Compared to 40k, Infinity is by far more fun to play, and doesn't make me cringe when I see the pricing on figures/boxes.

Well, off to deal with more life, and debate some posts I want to make about the idiocy in Ferguson, Mo.

Until later, be well.