Monday, August 1, 2011

Progress... and set backs... but progress!

Since my last post I've gotten a little headway into my 3 'main' projects. But I've also been finishing up some major reorganization and clean-up. Which put me behind quite a bit. The good news is that it is pretty much finished, and I'll be getting real work done on my projects, with updates and pics of them, in the coming weeks.

I'm a bit annoyed about things not related to my projects... such as having my Games Day ticket for months, but a few months back having to use the money put aside for the trip to deal with other things. Soooo... no Games Day... nice ticket hanging at my work space though... but very annoying that I couldn't go. But on the upside, it has given me to kick in the pants to get some other things done, and begin working on an major projects planning (more news on that in the coming weeks).

In the next few days I hope to have initial updates on the conversion of the Leman Russ. As well as updates on expanded work on my Blood Angels to get them ready for the 13th and 'Ard Boyz. So until later, be well and enjoy your hobbying!