Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry slightly early Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year a little early... since I'd probably forget otherwise hehe. Be safe, and enjoy the holiday this weekend.

Hopefully I'll have WIP pics by the middle of next week, I have finally gotten things moving again now that my back is healed up. Progress has been slow, but it has been happening.

Now onward to... well... the next post, which will be next week since I'm doing the family thing this weekend with my family.

Until later!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Skyrim and SW:TOR... too... addictive!

Gotta say, totally addicted to both of these games. But it hasn't stopped me from finding the most INCREDIBLE remake of a video game song... Malukah's remake of Dragonborn Comes from Skyrim. She is totally amazing, and I love what she did with the song.

That's a link to her youtube page, and it's available to see and hear there. Well worth the 2m2s it takes. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Help fight a major injustice.

I've censored the following, in protest of a bill that gives any corporation and the US government the power to censor the internet--a bill that could pass THIS WEEK. To see the uncensored text, and to stop internet censorship, visit:

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The title says it all... pulled muscles in my back. So now I'm semi-stalled on painting, since I can't get more than about 30 minutes at a time sitting to do the work. Frustrating. But I have had time to work out details for finishing up the IG before I sell them. I'm going to sculpt and build some bases for the heavy weapons teams, and go with a basic sand + static grass on the infantry. Trouble is getting enough work done in 30 minutes or so at a time. Luckily I can keep the greenstuff work to a minimum, that will help a lot.

I've been sketching out patterns for the DE as harlequins. But I'm still a little stumped about a few things. Not sure I'll be going with the over the top bright colors, but I have at least worked out what kind of patterns I'll be using on the vehicles and infantry. I'm also going to be making a mold of the old harlequin jet bike front piece with the laughing face. I plan on using it on all the reavers. I'm debating ways to go with this army, as I plan to use it as a showcase army as well as an army for play. I have decided to stick to a theme the trouble is that the theme, while cool, may be uncompetitive. Not even sure if that matters honestly.

I've also been working slowly on basecoating my Sisters of Battle, going with an idea from White Dwarf used on a tomb kings model they had a few issues back. Their armor will be chaos black, with a baal red wash, and highlighted with red gore and blood red. Basically a very red stone type look. Then their tabards are going to be in blue, though I'm not sure if I'll put any markings on them. I've also decided to give their bolters wooden casings, using a variety of browns and giving the casings wood grain in the look. I think it will be a nice change from the many solid color or fully metal bolters I've seen over the years.

I'm still sorting out all the Reaper mini's, I have so many blisters with figs now it's pretty silly. During the sorting I'm working out what I will use for dioramas, single fig work, and sales work, with all the rest going up on eBay soon. I have a few ideas for dioramas that I really want to do, and several figs I plan to work on because I just love the fig. Crystal Brush is coming up, and I plan to have at least 4 entries.

I'm also working on ideas for Games Day and the Golden Daemon. But that is a ways off, so nothing but planning and plotting at this point for that.

Hopefully the aspirin will help ease my back up so I can get more work done...

Until Later!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pre-Christmas Workspace Clean-up Sales

Update: Had to put off posting up what follows until later today, forgot to charge my camera and needed to get things sorted.

As noted in a previous post, I bought a ton of stuff to work on in recent times... unfortunately for me, but fortunately for others, it was just too much for my work space and storage. So I'll be posting up not just one painted army, but two tonight on eBay (look at my widget to see what I put up tonight/tomorrow), but several batches of items I purchased that quite simply I don't have the space to keep hold of until I'm free to work on them.

Firstly I will be putting a Blood Angels army up for sale. This army includes a scratch built Dante, Sanguinary Guard, Honor Guard, 3x 10 man ASM squads, 2 Storm Ravens, 2 Dreadnaughts, 3 scratch built Sanguinary Priests. All on resin bases. Fully painted to a high table top standard, and bases painted and detailed with flocking and static grasses.

My Slaanesh + Nurgle IG army will also be up for sale in a couple days, as I finish up the Basilisk I have for it, and finish basing them all. As has been shown in the WIP posts, this army is fully painted, and reasonably themed. Unfortunately the seller of the second basilisk and 2 sentinels has pretty much screwed me over and I'm in the middle of trying to get a refund through eBay... yippee. So this army is a little light, but a good allied force or small game force.

Next up is an OOP Chaos Space Marine Army Box (all metal), in addition a Lucius the Eternal (NIB), Emperors Children Lord (NIB), and an Alpha Legion Dread w/chainfist + Plasma Cannon and Autocannon right arms (unpainted, unprimed, unassembled).

And lastly a number of new in blister Reaper Miniatures figs, which I quite simply got a bit happy on the buying of... Reaper has a LOT of great figs, but one person simply can't paint all of them... okay not all of them, but I bought 40+ figs and honestly I'll only get around to dealing with maybe 25 of them in a reasonable time.

I'm going to price the painted armies as if they were commission work, just to finalize before I put up my commission pricing guidelines. But before people start wondering if that means 'omg, super expensive'... no, I'm of the opinion that reasonable prices are a necessity in the hobby for commission work, at least my commission work. I want repeat business after all.
The other lots will be priced to recoup the costs of purchase I put out, plus the 10% eBay will be gouging. So no big profits there. I just want them to go to someone that will enjoy them.

Until later!

Friday, November 25, 2011

When in doubt...

I'm sure most people have those situations where they don't really have an answer to something happening, so they fall into a 'when in doubt...' answer.

I know I do at times, like Thanksgiving. Knowing that there would be 20+ people in one house, I took my paint station, some paints, and a few figs to work on. When in doubt... paint. Of course, this brought on the family 'why did you bring that' questioning to which I replied 'I'm working'. Yet again another 'when in doubt...' answer, 'I'm working'.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes those ways of handling things can get you surprisingly far. In my case roughly 50% done with 2 figs; though I was working on them not to finish them, but to work on a few ideas for dealing with skin and skin tone issues. I find that painting isn't just a business, or a hobby, for me its almost therapy. Nothing like getting a paintbrush going on a fig to let me work through things.

On another topic we come to... holy crap I bought a lot of figs/terrain/vehicles/models/supplies lately. Seriously, I bought nearly $2000 worth of things lately. I have enough supplies and models to keep busy well into February. OOP metal GW Chaos Space Marines, plastic Dark Eldar, my currenly mildly stalled Slaaneshi IG (not my fault, still waiting on 2 sentinels and a basilisk to arrive), Sisters of Battle, Blood Angels, SM vehicles, about 8 pounds of Reaper figs, a handful of CMON figs, some Kabuki figs, a couple Malifaux figs, etc etc etc... I look at the growing stacks of blisters, boxes, and baggies and fall into a bit of deep thought.

At this point I have enough figs for 3 major projects, several Adepticon projects, as well as a couple Games Day projects... and STILL have enough to keep busy for ages. Not even sure why I bought some of the things I did, but it probably fell into the 'when in doubt... I'll find a use for this' category. But in the end, I really want to get into the next Santa Cruz Warhammer project, even if it is sharing time with other projects. I just love the idea of charity projects, and I'm STILL working out details of the one I want to get started.

As of today I'm roughly 80-85% done with the Slaaneshi IG, about 15% done with the Sisters, at 98% on the 3k+ pts of Blood Angels, haven't even started on the Chaos Marines, and only put together and primed one unit of Dark Eldar Wyches. I'll be putting up my Blood Angels next week on eBay. Love them, but I have other ideas for a play army at this point. And I'm wanting to take a break from fielding marines of any loyalist flavor.

Until later!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sisters of Battle, and an upcoming tournament

Saturday my FLGS (Capital City Games) is holding an 1850 point tournament. And I'm a bit torn on what to take, as I have a few options. I can bring BA jumpers + dreads + storm ravens, or build 2 more land raiders and a pair of baal preds and go with a meched up list (3 LR available, plus rhino/razors), or my still being worked on SoB force...

If I go with the SoB I'll be bringing 2 exorcists, 3 immolators, and 2 rhinos, 2 SoB squads, repentia squad (6 repentia + mistress), a dominion squad, seraphim squad (2 w/hand flamers, 6 total incl. superior with chainsword + plasma pistol), retributor squad, and command squad w/cannoness with PW+bolt pistol). Downside... no meltaguns available in what I have currently, and only one heavy flamer sister... but I do have 4 HB, 2 MM, and 4 flamers to mix in. With many of the current lists I've seen, there are a fair number of transports and/or tanks in general. But there are also several lists that I expect to see high on infantry (DE and Orks).

I can see some downsides to going sisters, but I can also see upsides.

1) Not a ton of anti-tank. Sure the exorcists are okay at it, but only 2 MM and no regular meltas is a bit on the light side. Plus I have the components to make 3 immolators, but only 1 with MM, the others would be HF loadouts.
2) Grey Knights. With no psyker nullifying gear (ie. hoods), GK could really be a bad match up. Not to mention they are freakin' beasts in CC and at range. Seriously, who thought it was okay to let them have the ability to have +1S on all bolter weapons? Sure it's an elite army, so low model counts in general (if you go without spamming henchmen), but seriously they are a little OP.
3) Semi-low model count. Not horrible, but it can be a pain.
4) Inquisitors and the like got jacked from them. I'm still ticked off about this one. Seriously. Sisters and Ordo Hereticus work together a lot in the fiction.
5) Freakin' WD Codex. Bleh, never fails that when an army gets a WD codex it gets screwed. But in this case it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

1) Not seen often enough to have local players knowing them inside and out.
2) Lots of firepower at mid-range.
3) HB w/ a reroll on 1's. Yeah, low chance, but definitely very nice with the way my dice hate me.
4) Everyone has a 6+ invuln. Sure, not the best, but it comes standard on all of them. Plus repentia have FNP.
5) Faith Rules are much nicer to deal with than previously.
6) Condemnor Bolters. Psi-shock, enough said. Oh and S5, but it is AP-. But still, psi-shock!!!

On the other hand I have several ways to go with Blood Angels. I can do a hybrid jumper + ravens + dreads list, or LR+pred+razor mech list, or go with something else. I have experience with the jumper/raven/dread list, it can be fun, but I really should tune it for high cheese though. Otherwise if I get paired with 'mr. waac netlist guy' that wins many many of the FLGS tourneys I'll have a rough go.

Honestly though, I'm just getting tired of seeing squad in a can lists over and over. If the necron codex is a look at how transports will be going, I'm a happy camper. I'd much rather see mechanics making getting those troops out of the transport because the transport gives something special. I do expect to see 'crons at the tournament, but probably no more than 2 players using them. And SoB or BA can put some good hurt on them.

The question is, what to do. At this point I'm up for suggestions, so feel free to comment.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Project Updates

With the Slaaneshi Guard project moving along very well, I have started work on a Sisters of Battle force. I'm waiting on the delivery of 2 Sentinels and 2 Basilisks for the guard project, they needed some fire support after all. And I'm looking into how to scratch build at least one Exorcist for the Sisters. Currently I have an Immolator, as well as the parts to scratch build another Immolator for them, as well as 5 unbuilt Rhinos that I can us a few of to give them some transport.

For the IG project, the Sentinels will be Slaaneshi, while the Basalisks will be Chaos Undivided. The Nurgle contingent of allies are nearly finished, with only the Leman Russ needing painted/weathered at this point. It took me about 6 hours to paint up the Storm Trooper squad, and HB weapons squad.

The sisters are currently primed, and the rhinos, immolators, and exorcist are either on the sprue, or in need of construction. I'm also custom building my Mistress of Repentance for the Repentia unit, which will have 9 Repentia. I'm also looking into ways to scratch build 1-2 Penitent Engines. At this point I'm thinking of a number of bits options to make totally unique PE's, that won't end up costing as much as new ones.

I also have a growing amount of current edition Dark Eldar, which I'm looking at painting as Harlequins. But the DE are still a very nebulous project at this point, with a large amount still on the way. It is looking like this force will be heavy on wyches, reavers, hellions, with other units in support.

And finally, looking forward to Adepticon and Games Day next year. At this point I'm working out projects to enter into Golden Deamon and Crystal Brush. One project which I have definitely settled on is a scratch build of Inquisitor Czevak from Atlas Infernal. The bits I need for this project are varied and from a number of sources, all of which are Games Workshop figures. The figures run the gamut from metals from as long ago as 1986-7, to current finecast figs. My plan is to cut to pieces a number of figs, and resin case the metal bits, and putting it all together... Inquisitor Czevak is a very cool character, and the idea is a mini-diorama of the final confrontation in the book Atlas Infernal. The aftermath of that confrontation, the death of a Shadowseer and a few other Harlequins, and the fleeing of a Death Jester and Troupe Master. Czevak having just taken the Domino Coat from the dead Shadowseer, while holding forth the Atlas Infernal.

This could be a really fun project, or a MASSIVE headache. But it is at this point the only project I've decided I have to get done. I'll also be adding 1-2 other GW projects for entries in GD. For Crystal Brush I'm looking at 1-4 more figs painted/converted/dioramas. But I have yet to really determine what those will be.

Until Later!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Slaanesh Guard Project, Part 3 (or How to Start With Crappy Looks and End Up With Something Looking Nice, Part 3)

This update puts the main infantry force of Slaaneshi Guard at about 90% finished. And the addition of Nurgle Guard auxiliaries into the mix. Having recieved a squad of older plastic and metal storm troopers (at least I think they are... but honestly it doesn't matter), as well as another Leman Russ and a squad of Heavy Bolter weapon teams.... Well it was time to diversify a little and add in some allies. Normally Nurgle and Slaanesh don't really like each other (at least fluff-wise), but in this case they have common cause... the ruination of the Imperium.

Last update I had done a little touch up, etc etc etc, read it if you want the details it is after all the post just below this one. Now I've worked a little magik and gone back over all the Liche Purple with a very dilute wash of 10:1 (water : Liche Purple) to tone down the highlights, and bring the highlights, base coat, and shading together. I also did a similar wash using Scorched Brown on some of the leather items of clothing. I finished up the sniper's camo cloaks with a 1:1 mix of P3 Ordic Olive : Water on the leaves of the cloaks.

I went through and finished up the 'glass' on the figs needing it. Yes it doesn't look like 'real' glass, it's more for visual difference that I did it the way I did. I also went in and added metalics to figs that I felt needed them, such as the standard bearer. For the metals I went with GW Tin Bitz, followed by P3 Blighted Gold, with a final highlight of P3 Brass Balls. This gave a nice range of coloration, without being too bright on the figs.

At this point the Slaaneshi only need me to go back and finish blood effects on chainswords (simply need to spot in some Red Gore and very very very small specks of Vermin Brown). And do a little touch-up on a some of the more obviously odd areas of skin/faces.

When it came to the Nurgle troops and tank I decided that I'd pull out the sculpting tools and green stuff and try an idea I'd had for a while. Some of the troops have tentacles emerging from various places on their bodies. Those tentacles are helping hold weapons, ammo reloads, and even helping shade the eyes of one fig as he looks on. The tank got a mix of green stuffed ideas added to it. Patches of armor that are morphing into pustule covered 'flesh', drooping flesh armor areas, a green stuffed eye on the turret and ooze coming from the muzzle breaks of the cannon, and intestine like things coming out of one of the sponsons.

I'll be painting this allied force with the same P3 Battledress Green on the fatigues, but will be shifting to a more pale green and grey/green 'rotting' look. The fatigue color will tie this force to the main force, while allowing for variation to show the difference in allegiance.

Now on to the update pics!

Next post will be mainly on the new allied contingent of Nurgle troops. As I am in a bit of a hold until early this coming week... ran out of primer... oops.

Until later!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slaanesh Guard Project, Part 2 (or How to Start With Crappy Looks and End Up With Something Looking Nice, Part 2)

Things settled down a bit today (Tuesday... I know post is on Wednesday), while yesterday was trying and today was full of a not at all happy boy hurting from his surgery. Once he finally got to sleep around 9pm I got back to work on the Slaanesh IG. Which at this pace will be finished up in about a week or so. Just in time to get working on a couple of projects coming my way.

First step to go from base coats (which I finished since the last project post) was to give a dry brushing of P3 'Jack Bone over all the figs. This was to tie it together with the Leman Russ, and the highlighting I gave it. Also to give all the infantry a worn look.

Next I gave all the figs a liberal washing with GW Devlan Mud. This was done to dirty up the figs, I washed everything from flesh to uniforms to guns. Once this dried I went back and hit some of the areas on the purple with a couple of thinned coats of GW Liche Purple in the recesses. This caused some very obvious 'fresh' looking areas. Now, normally I'd look at this and think 'need to blend it in', but in this case I decided that I'll go back tomorrow and hit the highest parts of the purple I just did with a mix of Liche Purple (3 parts) and 'Jack Bone (1 part), and run it under the highlight areas. That should tone it down and help dirty it up again.

After the purple dried I went back and hit the barrels of all the weapons with a wash of GW Badab Black. I did this to help make the barrels look more like steel, and less like stamped aluminum that has been brushed to a dull non-reflectiveness. Once that dried I took a sky blue mix and hit a few areas of the purple cloth to show a bit of reflectivity. If you pay attention to cloth you'll notice it has a tendency to highlight with colors similar too but not the same as the cloth is dyed. So using blue kept it tied to the purple, but helped bring out the highlights a bit.

Lastly I decided to OSL the plasma weapons that were in the mix of figs. A plasma pistol and 2 plasma guns. I like using greens for the plasma coils, and use GW Scorpion Green, washed with a very diluted GW Dark Angels Green, I then hit the highlights with Vallejo Yellow Green. Once that is dried up, I then dilute the Scorpion Green and brush it into the area I want the OSL, then follow up with a very dilute Yellow Green to bring out the OSL qualities on that Scorpy Green.

Here are pics of the current state of the figs.

I decided early on that there would be a common mutation amongst all of the infantry (even those squats, mwuahahaha!)... they would all have totally black eyes. At this point they have the black, but I will be going back and putting in a dot of GW Fortress Grey to show the ambient light. I'm also only about 75% done with the 'glass' portion of helmets throughout the mix, with the white and a sky blue, I plan to fade in a darker blue and black to help them look more like reflective glass/plas/whatever.

Until later!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random things I've painted

Here are pics of some of the things I've painted in recent months. Including the Iron Kingdoms gunslinger fig I have nearly finished in 3 hours of work (from priming to what you'll see). I would have taken the night off, as my youngest boy goes in for surgery to remove his adnoids and tonsels in 6 hours... but I had to keep busy. So the gunslinger that had been sitting on the desk for 5 months finally got worked on.

Keep in mind the Executioness fig is not entirely finished, as I have yet to go back and touch up a few mistakes from months back. And the demon is from the Malifaux range, but I can't for the life of me remember his name. Both were done before DieCon in June, and I finally got pics of them (think I had pics up of the demon at one point long ago, but I redid him after those).

Here we go!

For some reason my camera is giving every pic lately a bit of a 'glare' or 'shine' which doesn't exist. This tends to wash out the actual RL effect of the shade through highlight, especially on skin. But these pics do give the overall feel for the actual work.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Slaanesh Guard Project (or How to Start With Crappy Looks and End Up With Something Looking Nice, Part 1)

Started another project a couple days ago, having received a large number of IG figs (a mix of Vostroyan and Steel Legion). And since I already had a Leman Russ Vanquisher, which I had repaired, but hadn't started the conversion work I had planned. Well, a new idea formed and I got out the airbrush and finished up the tank in record time. Okay... not 'finished' persay, but I only have detailing to do, as I finished the base coating, highlighting, weathering, etc in about 4 hours.

I came to the conclusion that I like Slaanesh themed projects a long time ago, so why not start one of my own? No reason not to really, so I did. I power purpled the crap out of the IG figs, tossed in a bunch of LONG OOP squats, some Necromunda figs, and decided on a color scheme. Of course, this is a smallish project at present, with 3 HB weapons teams still taking a dip in the good ol' power purple bath, and another 10 Karskin IG figs and a Leman Russ soon to arrive. Basically this is going to be an infantry with support type of force, but I'm going to have fun with it.

Having started this, I decided why not document how you can take figs from looking like absolute crap initially to a fairly high tabletop standard. And this is the first post in the series.

This army is using the following as base coats:
GW Liche Purple
P3 Battledress Green
GW Dheneb Stone + GW Titilating Pink (OOP from about 20 years ago) (flesh base coat)
GW Codex Grey (Weapons, some armor)
GW Scorched Brown (some clothing)

At this point I have the Liche Purple, Battledress Green, and flesh base coating finished.

WIP Pics:

Overall the first thought is, purple and green/brown together? How can it work?

Response... pretty good really, they contrast and complement each other very well, without overpowering one or the other. They also do a great job of breaking up the figs so they don't look to overwhelmingly one color/tone. My next post in this series will have the final basecoats, and cover the initial shading techniques.

Until later!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Got out my Cygnar figs this weekend and over the course of about 10 hours painted them up. Can't say I'm fond of the Stormblade figs at all, they have some issues with negative spaces.

Overall they came out quite well at a high tabletop standard. Once finished and sealed I put them up on Ebay. So anyone looking for a 32 pt force to build from, check it out. I priced it pretty reasonably.

Until Later!

Friday, October 28, 2011

WIP updates

After the work on the first Dreadfleet box I decided to finish up Astorath. Then almost immediately came down with a nasty stomach/throat bug. But I still worked a bit on it during the times I wasn't feeling like absolute garbage (just total garbage). I also realized that the Blood Angels I have to finish up are only needing a bit of work before I sell them, and not nearly as much touch-up as I expected. So they should be finished in a day or so.

I'll be putting up some pics of my current progress on Astorath later tonight.

Until Later!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dreadfleet painting complete, other update(s)

Finished painting and sealing the Dreadfleet figs/terrain, and put it up on Ebay (for those that might be interested). Going to take a break on painting ships before I get back to working on my personal Dreadfleet box again. So I've gotten down to brass tacks and am finishing up work on Astorath and touch-up work on a Sanguinary Guard unit. Once I get finished 3k+ points of Blood Angels will be going up on Ebay as well.

In other news, I have a fairly open schedule right now (outside of university classes) which means I'm up for commission work. Single figs, units, vehicles, terrain, an army, anything would be nice. I'll be finishing up my pricing guidelines this week, as well as putting up some pics of sold work.

I'm still working on the groundwork for my charity project. Anyone interested in working on a charity project to help benefit St. Jude's Children's Charities feel free to drop me an e-mail or comment to this post. I'm looking for a few people to help organize things, and others to help with various aspects. More details in coming weeks.

Until Later!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dreadfleet Update Pics

I've been working this week on a few projects, Dreadfleet being the priority project. To this point I've nearly finished the ships, and have begun work on the terrain, cogs, and other bits.

Here are pics of the ships, which I have just to go back and get the detail work and a few fixes done on.

These pics are pretty good, but I have to get into my camera's menu and adjust settings with the use of my new light box.

Overall, these ships have been a lot of fun to paint. And the detail still surprises me as I work on them.

Until later!