Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slaanesh Guard Project, Part 2 (or How to Start With Crappy Looks and End Up With Something Looking Nice, Part 2)

Things settled down a bit today (Tuesday... I know post is on Wednesday), while yesterday was trying and today was full of a not at all happy boy hurting from his surgery. Once he finally got to sleep around 9pm I got back to work on the Slaanesh IG. Which at this pace will be finished up in about a week or so. Just in time to get working on a couple of projects coming my way.

First step to go from base coats (which I finished since the last project post) was to give a dry brushing of P3 'Jack Bone over all the figs. This was to tie it together with the Leman Russ, and the highlighting I gave it. Also to give all the infantry a worn look.

Next I gave all the figs a liberal washing with GW Devlan Mud. This was done to dirty up the figs, I washed everything from flesh to uniforms to guns. Once this dried I went back and hit some of the areas on the purple with a couple of thinned coats of GW Liche Purple in the recesses. This caused some very obvious 'fresh' looking areas. Now, normally I'd look at this and think 'need to blend it in', but in this case I decided that I'll go back tomorrow and hit the highest parts of the purple I just did with a mix of Liche Purple (3 parts) and 'Jack Bone (1 part), and run it under the highlight areas. That should tone it down and help dirty it up again.

After the purple dried I went back and hit the barrels of all the weapons with a wash of GW Badab Black. I did this to help make the barrels look more like steel, and less like stamped aluminum that has been brushed to a dull non-reflectiveness. Once that dried I took a sky blue mix and hit a few areas of the purple cloth to show a bit of reflectivity. If you pay attention to cloth you'll notice it has a tendency to highlight with colors similar too but not the same as the cloth is dyed. So using blue kept it tied to the purple, but helped bring out the highlights a bit.

Lastly I decided to OSL the plasma weapons that were in the mix of figs. A plasma pistol and 2 plasma guns. I like using greens for the plasma coils, and use GW Scorpion Green, washed with a very diluted GW Dark Angels Green, I then hit the highlights with Vallejo Yellow Green. Once that is dried up, I then dilute the Scorpion Green and brush it into the area I want the OSL, then follow up with a very dilute Yellow Green to bring out the OSL qualities on that Scorpy Green.

Here are pics of the current state of the figs.

I decided early on that there would be a common mutation amongst all of the infantry (even those squats, mwuahahaha!)... they would all have totally black eyes. At this point they have the black, but I will be going back and putting in a dot of GW Fortress Grey to show the ambient light. I'm also only about 75% done with the 'glass' portion of helmets throughout the mix, with the white and a sky blue, I plan to fade in a darker blue and black to help them look more like reflective glass/plas/whatever.

Until later!

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  1. I like that eye mutation. That's groovy, that is...