Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sisters of Battle, and an upcoming tournament

Saturday my FLGS (Capital City Games) is holding an 1850 point tournament. And I'm a bit torn on what to take, as I have a few options. I can bring BA jumpers + dreads + storm ravens, or build 2 more land raiders and a pair of baal preds and go with a meched up list (3 LR available, plus rhino/razors), or my still being worked on SoB force...

If I go with the SoB I'll be bringing 2 exorcists, 3 immolators, and 2 rhinos, 2 SoB squads, repentia squad (6 repentia + mistress), a dominion squad, seraphim squad (2 w/hand flamers, 6 total incl. superior with chainsword + plasma pistol), retributor squad, and command squad w/cannoness with PW+bolt pistol). Downside... no meltaguns available in what I have currently, and only one heavy flamer sister... but I do have 4 HB, 2 MM, and 4 flamers to mix in. With many of the current lists I've seen, there are a fair number of transports and/or tanks in general. But there are also several lists that I expect to see high on infantry (DE and Orks).

I can see some downsides to going sisters, but I can also see upsides.

1) Not a ton of anti-tank. Sure the exorcists are okay at it, but only 2 MM and no regular meltas is a bit on the light side. Plus I have the components to make 3 immolators, but only 1 with MM, the others would be HF loadouts.
2) Grey Knights. With no psyker nullifying gear (ie. hoods), GK could really be a bad match up. Not to mention they are freakin' beasts in CC and at range. Seriously, who thought it was okay to let them have the ability to have +1S on all bolter weapons? Sure it's an elite army, so low model counts in general (if you go without spamming henchmen), but seriously they are a little OP.
3) Semi-low model count. Not horrible, but it can be a pain.
4) Inquisitors and the like got jacked from them. I'm still ticked off about this one. Seriously. Sisters and Ordo Hereticus work together a lot in the fiction.
5) Freakin' WD Codex. Bleh, never fails that when an army gets a WD codex it gets screwed. But in this case it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

1) Not seen often enough to have local players knowing them inside and out.
2) Lots of firepower at mid-range.
3) HB w/ a reroll on 1's. Yeah, low chance, but definitely very nice with the way my dice hate me.
4) Everyone has a 6+ invuln. Sure, not the best, but it comes standard on all of them. Plus repentia have FNP.
5) Faith Rules are much nicer to deal with than previously.
6) Condemnor Bolters. Psi-shock, enough said. Oh and S5, but it is AP-. But still, psi-shock!!!

On the other hand I have several ways to go with Blood Angels. I can do a hybrid jumper + ravens + dreads list, or LR+pred+razor mech list, or go with something else. I have experience with the jumper/raven/dread list, it can be fun, but I really should tune it for high cheese though. Otherwise if I get paired with 'mr. waac netlist guy' that wins many many of the FLGS tourneys I'll have a rough go.

Honestly though, I'm just getting tired of seeing squad in a can lists over and over. If the necron codex is a look at how transports will be going, I'm a happy camper. I'd much rather see mechanics making getting those troops out of the transport because the transport gives something special. I do expect to see 'crons at the tournament, but probably no more than 2 players using them. And SoB or BA can put some good hurt on them.

The question is, what to do. At this point I'm up for suggestions, so feel free to comment.

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