Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Project Updates

With the Slaaneshi Guard project moving along very well, I have started work on a Sisters of Battle force. I'm waiting on the delivery of 2 Sentinels and 2 Basilisks for the guard project, they needed some fire support after all. And I'm looking into how to scratch build at least one Exorcist for the Sisters. Currently I have an Immolator, as well as the parts to scratch build another Immolator for them, as well as 5 unbuilt Rhinos that I can us a few of to give them some transport.

For the IG project, the Sentinels will be Slaaneshi, while the Basalisks will be Chaos Undivided. The Nurgle contingent of allies are nearly finished, with only the Leman Russ needing painted/weathered at this point. It took me about 6 hours to paint up the Storm Trooper squad, and HB weapons squad.

The sisters are currently primed, and the rhinos, immolators, and exorcist are either on the sprue, or in need of construction. I'm also custom building my Mistress of Repentance for the Repentia unit, which will have 9 Repentia. I'm also looking into ways to scratch build 1-2 Penitent Engines. At this point I'm thinking of a number of bits options to make totally unique PE's, that won't end up costing as much as new ones.

I also have a growing amount of current edition Dark Eldar, which I'm looking at painting as Harlequins. But the DE are still a very nebulous project at this point, with a large amount still on the way. It is looking like this force will be heavy on wyches, reavers, hellions, with other units in support.

And finally, looking forward to Adepticon and Games Day next year. At this point I'm working out projects to enter into Golden Deamon and Crystal Brush. One project which I have definitely settled on is a scratch build of Inquisitor Czevak from Atlas Infernal. The bits I need for this project are varied and from a number of sources, all of which are Games Workshop figures. The figures run the gamut from metals from as long ago as 1986-7, to current finecast figs. My plan is to cut to pieces a number of figs, and resin case the metal bits, and putting it all together... Inquisitor Czevak is a very cool character, and the idea is a mini-diorama of the final confrontation in the book Atlas Infernal. The aftermath of that confrontation, the death of a Shadowseer and a few other Harlequins, and the fleeing of a Death Jester and Troupe Master. Czevak having just taken the Domino Coat from the dead Shadowseer, while holding forth the Atlas Infernal.

This could be a really fun project, or a MASSIVE headache. But it is at this point the only project I've decided I have to get done. I'll also be adding 1-2 other GW projects for entries in GD. For Crystal Brush I'm looking at 1-4 more figs painted/converted/dioramas. But I have yet to really determine what those will be.

Until Later!

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