Friday, November 25, 2011

When in doubt...

I'm sure most people have those situations where they don't really have an answer to something happening, so they fall into a 'when in doubt...' answer.

I know I do at times, like Thanksgiving. Knowing that there would be 20+ people in one house, I took my paint station, some paints, and a few figs to work on. When in doubt... paint. Of course, this brought on the family 'why did you bring that' questioning to which I replied 'I'm working'. Yet again another 'when in doubt...' answer, 'I'm working'.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes those ways of handling things can get you surprisingly far. In my case roughly 50% done with 2 figs; though I was working on them not to finish them, but to work on a few ideas for dealing with skin and skin tone issues. I find that painting isn't just a business, or a hobby, for me its almost therapy. Nothing like getting a paintbrush going on a fig to let me work through things.

On another topic we come to... holy crap I bought a lot of figs/terrain/vehicles/models/supplies lately. Seriously, I bought nearly $2000 worth of things lately. I have enough supplies and models to keep busy well into February. OOP metal GW Chaos Space Marines, plastic Dark Eldar, my currenly mildly stalled Slaaneshi IG (not my fault, still waiting on 2 sentinels and a basilisk to arrive), Sisters of Battle, Blood Angels, SM vehicles, about 8 pounds of Reaper figs, a handful of CMON figs, some Kabuki figs, a couple Malifaux figs, etc etc etc... I look at the growing stacks of blisters, boxes, and baggies and fall into a bit of deep thought.

At this point I have enough figs for 3 major projects, several Adepticon projects, as well as a couple Games Day projects... and STILL have enough to keep busy for ages. Not even sure why I bought some of the things I did, but it probably fell into the 'when in doubt... I'll find a use for this' category. But in the end, I really want to get into the next Santa Cruz Warhammer project, even if it is sharing time with other projects. I just love the idea of charity projects, and I'm STILL working out details of the one I want to get started.

As of today I'm roughly 80-85% done with the Slaaneshi IG, about 15% done with the Sisters, at 98% on the 3k+ pts of Blood Angels, haven't even started on the Chaos Marines, and only put together and primed one unit of Dark Eldar Wyches. I'll be putting up my Blood Angels next week on eBay. Love them, but I have other ideas for a play army at this point. And I'm wanting to take a break from fielding marines of any loyalist flavor.

Until later!


  1. It's too easy to bite off more than you can chew, especially with some of the amazing miniatures I have seen released recently. The quality just keeps improving. I find myself wondering when we'll be seeing articulated miniatures on our gaming tables. I know I'd love to own a few of those.

    That aside, good luck with your mini mountain of miniatures!

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