Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pre-Christmas Workspace Clean-up Sales

Update: Had to put off posting up what follows until later today, forgot to charge my camera and needed to get things sorted.

As noted in a previous post, I bought a ton of stuff to work on in recent times... unfortunately for me, but fortunately for others, it was just too much for my work space and storage. So I'll be posting up not just one painted army, but two tonight on eBay (look at my widget to see what I put up tonight/tomorrow), but several batches of items I purchased that quite simply I don't have the space to keep hold of until I'm free to work on them.

Firstly I will be putting a Blood Angels army up for sale. This army includes a scratch built Dante, Sanguinary Guard, Honor Guard, 3x 10 man ASM squads, 2 Storm Ravens, 2 Dreadnaughts, 3 scratch built Sanguinary Priests. All on resin bases. Fully painted to a high table top standard, and bases painted and detailed with flocking and static grasses.

My Slaanesh + Nurgle IG army will also be up for sale in a couple days, as I finish up the Basilisk I have for it, and finish basing them all. As has been shown in the WIP posts, this army is fully painted, and reasonably themed. Unfortunately the seller of the second basilisk and 2 sentinels has pretty much screwed me over and I'm in the middle of trying to get a refund through eBay... yippee. So this army is a little light, but a good allied force or small game force.

Next up is an OOP Chaos Space Marine Army Box (all metal), in addition a Lucius the Eternal (NIB), Emperors Children Lord (NIB), and an Alpha Legion Dread w/chainfist + Plasma Cannon and Autocannon right arms (unpainted, unprimed, unassembled).

And lastly a number of new in blister Reaper Miniatures figs, which I quite simply got a bit happy on the buying of... Reaper has a LOT of great figs, but one person simply can't paint all of them... okay not all of them, but I bought 40+ figs and honestly I'll only get around to dealing with maybe 25 of them in a reasonable time.

I'm going to price the painted armies as if they were commission work, just to finalize before I put up my commission pricing guidelines. But before people start wondering if that means 'omg, super expensive'... no, I'm of the opinion that reasonable prices are a necessity in the hobby for commission work, at least my commission work. I want repeat business after all.
The other lots will be priced to recoup the costs of purchase I put out, plus the 10% eBay will be gouging. So no big profits there. I just want them to go to someone that will enjoy them.

Until later!

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