Thursday, April 26, 2012

Post Adepticon review

Adepticon ended this past Sunday. Many many battles were fought, by hundreds of people. The Crystal Brush came and went. And finally a chance to get some good sleep.

Overall the con was fun, with a lot to do. Plenty of demo games, tournaments, and seminars. Picked up some new tricks to use in my hobby work, which is always a plus. Even learned a bit about photography (which won't show in the pics for this post... comes from shooting on the move really).

I got in some Kill Zone games, and I am firmly behind this adaptation of the 40k rules. It's a lot of fun, and doesn't take hours to play. Had a ton of fun playing it, though I had to duck out during round 3 of the slot I was in for the Crystal Brush presentations (no I didn't place, but I was in it).

A few pics from one of my games. My Blood Wolves against Ultramarines. I lost by one point, as he got his tertiary mission completion, while we both got our primary finished. Very fun game with some interesting moments (twolf vs th/ss termies = dead twolf).

Checked out the vendors, bought a few things. While on this topic I have to say, the space for the con was large, but the vendor area was far too cramped. They need to get the vendors into a larger area. Far too often there were traffic jams due to the small amount of space for walkways between vendors.

Looked around the main 40k tournament. Saw a lot of interesting themes for armies, though one in particular stands out... pink necrons with flowers and butterflies. That one definitely was fun to see.

This guy obviously was there to have fun, and his paint scheme shows it. Kudos to whoever it is, I forgot to ask his name. Obviously he was playing Orks during this match (of course my oldest boy requested I take pics of orks, he's become a bit addicted to them of late).

So, to perk up his day (when he gets to see the blog after school today)... an ork army.

Okay, so it's two different ork armies, he'll be happier.

I also wandered into the Privateer Press room, and warmahordes was definitely in attendance. Though I did take some pics of the W/H forces at play one thing deserved being shown... the PP Display.

I was highly impressed with this display board. So many details you just had to look it over several times. And it gives an interesting story of Trollbloods attacking a Khador rail line. Those Colossi were just awesome.

This being a review I have to point out things I didn't care for at the con, and in this case it was some issues with the Crystal Brush.

Being a very new competition, only being in its second year, it is bound to have some issues. While the organizers were professional about handling most things, the issues I encountered will need to be addressed in coming years.

Firstly we run into the issue of 'cherry picking' for number of pictures for entrants. A fair number of entrants got one pic, period, while others got up to 6. In a number of cases this lack of equal camera 'time' left voters with a lack of full view to base their voting on. I know in at least one case with my entries that this basically made my diorama loose out on 2/3 of what was done, you just couldn't see it because it got 1 picture. Keep in mind, I didn't expect it to get high marks, it was a bit of a rush job and I knew it. But it did deserve equal photography time. All the miniatures should have gotten the same number of shots, whether it helped the entry or not. It's just a matter of fairness. If you limit some but not all then you are handicapping part of the participants unjustly.

Second, adhoc placement of figs into improper categories. One of my figs ended up in a category it wasn't entered into. And several of the entries should have been in completely different categories (1st and 3rd place fantasy/steampunk single figure should have been in diorama). Hopefully as this contest matures it will actually adhere to the categories as they describe them, which they didn't in some cases this year.

Overall, even with the issues, the Crystal Brush is a great contest. It just has some issues to work through and iron out. I'll be entering next year, and my entries will be much much better than this year. As I'll be giving each entry the proper attention it needs and not rushing them all 'last minute'.

Until later!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My not so great pics from a hotel of my Crystal Brush entries

Sometimes I hate my camera... but honestly I know it's just me not knowing exactly how to set the settings in various situations. So, here I am posting up pics of the miniatures I'll be entering into the Crystal Brush today. It would be nice to get votes for them, so please feel free to do just that on Friday and Saturday, I can use all the votes I can get.

I did up the Druid/Angry Bear for Super Dungeon Explore in the chibi anime style that the game is based from. I think they turned out pretty sweet... unfortunately my camerafu sucks so it's a bit blurry and not very detailed a pic.

The Ogryn squad lost two members for the entry... one had a catastrophic fall that reduced him back to component parts. So I left his 'brother' back home and just took the big guys.

I had a lot of fun working on my dancer diorama, though I still think it needs more... just not sure what though. The eyes of the troll still bug me a bit, but I honestly can't figure out what to do in order to remove that 'they bug me' issue. They aren't bad mind you, I just have this odd feeling about them.

I AM going to a seminar on photography for miniatures at Adepticon. Hopefully it will teach me some tricks to bring my camerafu up from abyssmal to decent.

And yet again, vote for my work! I'm not a painting god, but I do pretty damned good work. And I love painting, or I wouldn't be in the hobby, or take commissions. Sometimes it's just nice to get some recognition for the work you do and the effort you put into things.

Until later today!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One day until Adepticon, and a shout out for the Battleforce Giveaway

I sit in my hotel room having braved the way to much road construction Interstate 55 to get to Lombard. My miniatures for entry into the Crystal Brush sit in the miniatures case behind me (though I am thinking of doing a little work on the eyes of the troll). And now I can relax a bit, crunch time is over.

I've finalized my Kill Zone list for Sunday. I brought along well over 1k of space wolf analog marines (my blood wolves, and figs from a previous aborted marine army... ran out of time to paint blood wolves). Among my kit for the trip is even the game Death Angel, which I hope to finally get to play at some point.

Oh, and Dark Future Games is having a battleforce giveaway for Adepticon attendees, as well as a $40 GW box giveaway (free swag is good swag).

I've always enjoyed the posts at DFG, so I'm up for pimping them a bit.

I'll be taking pics of my Crystal Brush entries tonight and posting them... so that maybe people will vote for them Friday/Saturday. I can always hope. Crystal Brush is 50% popularity contests after all.

Until later!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finally, Adepticon prep WIP pics

I've been saying for a week I'd get these up, and I finally got the chance to take some pics of the work I've been doing as I prep for Adepticon and the Crystal Brush.

First up I'd like to show something that wasn't for me... it was a replacement for a fig I broke of my sons. Seeing as I got the replacement I decided that I'd paint it up for him for his birthday. So here we have his Shadow Chameleon captain (finished, but waiting on him to say what colors to do the banner in).

I have to say that working on this fig was a lot of fun, especially the 'gotta keep it secret' part. I gave him the fig and two finished rhinos to flesh out his AoBR marines, and I have another tac squad to give him soon too.

Next up is a non-GW fig, a Wood Troll that I plan to put into the Crystal Brush. Bare in mind that my pic taking isn't the greatest, and the fig looks quite a bit better in person (this disclaimer for ALL the coming pics).

Next we have an Ogryn unit I'll be putting in the Crystal Brush. It's a mix of the old and newer figs, but they all turned out great. I seriously considered the Ogryn for my Kill Zone team, but decided to go with my Blood Wolves in the end.

Now onto Kill Zone work, which I'm STILL working on my team list for... go figure... but since I've been bouncing between 5 lists I've been working on a lot of Blood Wolves (my homebrew chapter).

Firstly we have a rhino (not in the kill zone team), and 5 of the 10 fenrisian wolves I've finished up (no pics of the other 5).

Wolf Guard, which I'm only about 85% finished on at this point. A lot of detail work to do yet, but the main work is done overall. You'll noted I'm doing the entire army on Secret Weapon bases, the Runic Mountain line if I remember correctly.

At this point the Wolf Guard terminators are about 75% done. Working on detail and such for them at the moment, and the one on a GW plastic base is only there temporarily as I get work done on it. I'm using some Kromlech packs and heads for some of the figs in my Blood Wolves army. The technosamurai line. I'm liking them, the back banners on the packs really add to the 'Blood Wolves are a mix of nordic and feudal japanese' that my homebrew background shows. Plus some of the helmets looks freakin' awesome on terminator armor.

This fig is one I'm tempted to put into the Crystal Brush. He's 'technically' a Wulfen, even though it makes no sense for a Wulfen to have a Wolf Claw. I just like how it turned out, he looks like he's lunging forward to claw an enemy.

Okay, so that is a good chunk of my current WIP and work I'm doing for Adepticon. Hopefully I'll get the time in the next day or so to hammer out the Super Dungeon Explore figs, if not I'll just get the monsters glued together and finish up the heroes. I plan to bring SDE along for slack times during the con. So if I'm not getting a random 1k pt 40k game in, you might find me with SDE out and wanting to play.

Until later!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Delays... well could be worse

Sorry readers, I've been somewhat delayed due to university work. I've been working on two papers for two classes, and it has taken up far more of my time than expected. But by way of apology, I will be getting pics up of WIP for Adepticon by tomorrow. As the deadlines approach on all the things going on, I'm finding more and more 'oomph' for getting those things done. Oddly enough the one project I have that I need the most inspiration for got some when I took a break yesterday to watch a TON of anime.

You'd never really think much about slice of life type anime as an inspiration source for miniature wargaming, but spending 2 hours crying over (as well as yelling at the company that made the show for 4 episodes on killing a main cast member...) the death of a really charming main character... well I realized that I needed to think less on detail more on feeling for the project I'd been slightly stuck on.

So my heartfelt thanks for melodramatic, overly 'wtf?', japanese anime script writers.

Oh, and for those that might be wondering what show I'd been watching... Clannad (and Clannad After Story). No mecha, power armor, battles (well okay a few of the guys getting clobbered by the girls... but it was typically over the top silly), lots of tangled emotions and lovey dovey stuff. But overall a really good series to watch.

I have so much anime it's crazy at times, something like 40+ different series, from mecha combat to slice of life stuff. I just enjoy watching it, sometimes you get a really interesting idea for a game or project from it.

Until later!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Adepticon prep

I'm working on projects for the Crystal Brush at Adepticon, which is coming up in a couple weeks. As well as finishing up work on my Kill Zone team for play there as well. Another project in the works is finishing up the renegade IG force (which I've recently finished painting 5 Ogryn for), as well as assembling and painting a Super Dungeon Explore set (which I've shown WIP on 2 figs from) to take up for slack times.

As the deadlines get thinner, I'm working even harder to get all these projects finished. But I tend to be one of those people that works better at the last minute.

My Kill Zone team is going to be based on the Space Wolves codex, but with my 'homebrew' chapter the Blood Wolves. At this point I have about 5 different teams worked out on paper, and this coming week I plan to get some games in to dial in on what one I want to use. But as an aside I'll also be bringing roughly 1k of Blood Wolves just for random games if I get the chance. Of course, I say 1k worth now, but knowing me I'll have 1850 ready... I just tend to go a bit overboard at times heh.

I'll be getting pics up soon of all the WIP, and I'll be writing up a post about my take on Kill Zone in the next few days.

Until later!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A few more pics of the Sisters of Battle I finished.

Not much to say, here are a few more pics of the SoB army I worked on. I'm working on revising my picture taking space so that the colors don't get washed out. Painter, yes, photographer, not so much.