Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One day until Adepticon, and a shout out for the Battleforce Giveaway

I sit in my hotel room having braved the way to much road construction Interstate 55 to get to Lombard. My miniatures for entry into the Crystal Brush sit in the miniatures case behind me (though I am thinking of doing a little work on the eyes of the troll). And now I can relax a bit, crunch time is over.

I've finalized my Kill Zone list for Sunday. I brought along well over 1k of space wolf analog marines (my blood wolves, and figs from a previous aborted marine army... ran out of time to paint blood wolves). Among my kit for the trip is even the game Death Angel, which I hope to finally get to play at some point.

Oh, and Dark Future Games is having a battleforce giveaway for Adepticon attendees, as well as a $40 GW box giveaway (free swag is good swag).

I've always enjoyed the posts at DFG, so I'm up for pimping them a bit.

I'll be taking pics of my Crystal Brush entries tonight and posting them... so that maybe people will vote for them Friday/Saturday. I can always hope. Crystal Brush is 50% popularity contests after all.

Until later!

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