Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finally, Adepticon prep WIP pics

I've been saying for a week I'd get these up, and I finally got the chance to take some pics of the work I've been doing as I prep for Adepticon and the Crystal Brush.

First up I'd like to show something that wasn't for me... it was a replacement for a fig I broke of my sons. Seeing as I got the replacement I decided that I'd paint it up for him for his birthday. So here we have his Shadow Chameleon captain (finished, but waiting on him to say what colors to do the banner in).

I have to say that working on this fig was a lot of fun, especially the 'gotta keep it secret' part. I gave him the fig and two finished rhinos to flesh out his AoBR marines, and I have another tac squad to give him soon too.

Next up is a non-GW fig, a Wood Troll that I plan to put into the Crystal Brush. Bare in mind that my pic taking isn't the greatest, and the fig looks quite a bit better in person (this disclaimer for ALL the coming pics).

Next we have an Ogryn unit I'll be putting in the Crystal Brush. It's a mix of the old and newer figs, but they all turned out great. I seriously considered the Ogryn for my Kill Zone team, but decided to go with my Blood Wolves in the end.

Now onto Kill Zone work, which I'm STILL working on my team list for... go figure... but since I've been bouncing between 5 lists I've been working on a lot of Blood Wolves (my homebrew chapter).

Firstly we have a rhino (not in the kill zone team), and 5 of the 10 fenrisian wolves I've finished up (no pics of the other 5).

Wolf Guard, which I'm only about 85% finished on at this point. A lot of detail work to do yet, but the main work is done overall. You'll noted I'm doing the entire army on Secret Weapon bases, the Runic Mountain line if I remember correctly.

At this point the Wolf Guard terminators are about 75% done. Working on detail and such for them at the moment, and the one on a GW plastic base is only there temporarily as I get work done on it. I'm using some Kromlech packs and heads for some of the figs in my Blood Wolves army. The technosamurai line. I'm liking them, the back banners on the packs really add to the 'Blood Wolves are a mix of nordic and feudal japanese' that my homebrew background shows. Plus some of the helmets looks freakin' awesome on terminator armor.

This fig is one I'm tempted to put into the Crystal Brush. He's 'technically' a Wulfen, even though it makes no sense for a Wulfen to have a Wolf Claw. I just like how it turned out, he looks like he's lunging forward to claw an enemy.

Okay, so that is a good chunk of my current WIP and work I'm doing for Adepticon. Hopefully I'll get the time in the next day or so to hammer out the Super Dungeon Explore figs, if not I'll just get the monsters glued together and finish up the heroes. I plan to bring SDE along for slack times during the con. So if I'm not getting a random 1k pt 40k game in, you might find me with SDE out and wanting to play.

Until later!

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