Commission Work

Commissions are being taken in the following categories.

Painting & Conversions:
Single figure
Unit (A unit being up to 10 figures)
Super Heavy Vehicles
Armies (Multiple single figures and units)

Display boards
Gaming tables - Standard
Gaming tables - Modular
Terrain pieces

Painting & Conversion Guidelines:

Cost of work will typically be based on two factors, number of figs/models, and time taken to finish. Most vehicles take 1-2 days to complete, while infantry sized figures (a unit of 10) take 1-3 days depending on level of detail desired. This of course does not take into account batch painting, when doing units with the same paint scheme the time can drop as a number of figs are done simultaneously which reduces times for units overall.

I tend to charge between $8 and $15 an hour. HQ's being more toward the high end, as I take more time on them, and troops being more towards the low end.

All work will have a time estimate given for the work. This estimate will also include expected cost, including materials (paint, flock, etc) that will be used for the commission. Materials costs will be up front costs for starting the work. Material costs also include resin bases, and conversion costs for parts/materials, if the customer wants those things. If specific basing and conversion work is requested the start time for the work may be delayed as materials are ordered and shipped to me.

50% of the commission cost will be expected up front for the work, plus 100% of material costs (including figure cost if not supplied). The other 50% will be expected at the end of work before the work is released to the customer. Pictures will be taken for the customer so that the customer can see what is being done, as well as how the final work looks. Revisions to the work will be allowed based on customer feedback, within reasonable limits.