Saturday, May 26, 2012

Big Sale

Due to a number of reasons, I've put a lot of things up on eBay for sale. Over the next week I'll be adding more listings of items from GW, Privateer Press, Reaper and others.

At this point I'm trying to clear out storage space, which has overflowed from my workspace into my living space. This just isn't good. So it's time to clean out the excess and unused things so that others can find enjoyment in them.

Check out my gadget thing on the side of my blog for my listings.

Until later!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hobby Organizing

Looking around the internet for ideas on ways to organize my work space I came across a company named HobbyZone in Poland. They have a great selection of paint organizers, a really awesome hobby tool organizer, painting/modeling stations, and dice towers for use while playing your favorite wargames. The prices (in US $) are very reasonable, though shipping could cost a pretty penny. Seeing how they put their things together I may just have to get out the power tools, borrow a few more, and buy the materials to just build similar things for my own use.

A few examples of their products:

This one is $44 (not including shipping).

They have this in GW sizes as well as Vallejo/etc. $9!!!!

This is the Professional Paint Stations, $35!
If you are looking for ways to organize your workspace, I'd seriously suggest considering their products. They use UPS to ship, so the shipment should be reasonably fast worldwide.

Until later!


Well things have finally settled down a bit, new university classes started, Adepticon has come and gone. And now I'm looking at a HUGE amount of miniatures to work on. Honestly I'm thinking it's time to start thinning out my stuff a bit.

Just to give you, the readers, an idea of how silly my project 'pile' as gotten here is a rough list of what I have in bare metal, plastic, or primed to be worked on. Plus I've started work designing some bases for someone to consider for their range. As well as working on some terrain with resin casing in mind.

Here is my 'damn that's too much' list:

Warmachine Menoth:
1 box daughters of flame
1 box exemplar errants
1 box exemplar bastions
1 box choir of menoth
1 Avatar heavy warjack
1 box flameguard (can't remember the name, spear guys)
1 box Warmachine resin objectives
1 pKreoss
1 eKreoss

Flames of War:
1 2nd Armoured Division army box (8 M4's, 3 M5's, a TD platoon, artillery platoon (105mm), 2 infantry platoons)
2 M18 Wolverine tank destroyers

ALEPH starter
Japanese Sectoral Army Starter
8 additional JSA troops
1 Yu Jing TAG (O-yoroi)
8 additional ALEPH troops
1 Murat

GW 40k:
2 Dark Eldar battleforces
2 DE Venom
1 DE Ravager
2 boxes DE Wyches
1 box DE Kabalites
6 Harlequins (various)
6 Hellions
1 Lilith Hesperix
1 Haemonculus
1 Beast Master + 2 razorwing blisters

70 Ork boys
2 Ork Trucks
12 Ork Nobz
3 Ork Warbosses
6 Ork Deff Koptas
1 Killa Kan
1 Pain Boy
1 box Gretchin
3 gretchin blisters
1 slaver blister
1 mekboy
Parts to build a Battle Wagon

3 Drop Pods
2 Land Raiders (all the stuff to make 3 variants)
2 Predators
1 Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf
1 Iron Priest
1 Cyberwolf
5 Fenrisian Wolves
10 Wolfguard Terminators
5 Terminators
10 scouts
20ish Grey Hunters

1 Dreadfleet game (all terrain and ships to be painted)
1 Space Hulk Game (all figures to be painted)

Soda Pop Miniatures:
Super Dungeon Explore (finish all the figs)

Several 28mm and 54mm Kabuki figs
various resin figs from a number of companies (roughly 7 of them)

Ral Partha:
roughly 30 blisters of figs

Armorcast pop can storage container
Various dungeon sections made from Hirst castings (roughly enough to make 3 6"x6" rooms plus 'hallways'
Fountain (resin)
3 half finished oriental village buildings (with 6 more planned)

Game Boards: (plus additional terrain for each board)
Plans for a 3'x3' folding gaming table for Kill Zone (for my house)
Plans for a 4'x4' folding gaming table for home use
Plans for 2x 4'x4' folding gaming tables (for sale)
Plans for 1x 3'x3' Kill Zone table for next Adepticon

Now, looking at this list, I see that I have WAY to much on my plate. It's time to start thinning out the 'back stock'. So this weekend I'll be getting pics of the IG I have finished and put them on eBay, as well as deciding what projects need to be parted from my limited storage space. I've already decided at least 3/4 of the Ral Partha stuff will be going, and quite possibly half of the Ork stuff (the rest is going to my oldest boy for his birthday in a few months). The trouble is, what else to get rid of... probably the Dreadfleet (hasn't been opened).

Seriously this isn't easy to do for me, I'm a little more of a 'hold onto it until it becomes useful' type than I'd like to be. So I'm going to have headaches working out what to part with. One thing I will be doing is keeping enough from the DE and Orks to build a couple Kill Zone teams, the rest (not counting the present stuff) will be going.

Infinity stuff is actually the easiest to get rid of. I'll be keeping the ALEPH stuff, and painting up and selling the JSA/Yu Jing stuff. I'm a little torn on the Space Wolf stuff, though the more I think about it the more I am settling into the feeling that 1250 points or less is where I'm happy playing 40k. So I'll likely just assemble, paint, and sell a fair chunk of the marines.

Oh well, comments are appreciated, suggestions as well.

Until later!