Thursday, April 12, 2012

Delays... well could be worse

Sorry readers, I've been somewhat delayed due to university work. I've been working on two papers for two classes, and it has taken up far more of my time than expected. But by way of apology, I will be getting pics up of WIP for Adepticon by tomorrow. As the deadlines approach on all the things going on, I'm finding more and more 'oomph' for getting those things done. Oddly enough the one project I have that I need the most inspiration for got some when I took a break yesterday to watch a TON of anime.

You'd never really think much about slice of life type anime as an inspiration source for miniature wargaming, but spending 2 hours crying over (as well as yelling at the company that made the show for 4 episodes on killing a main cast member...) the death of a really charming main character... well I realized that I needed to think less on detail more on feeling for the project I'd been slightly stuck on.

So my heartfelt thanks for melodramatic, overly 'wtf?', japanese anime script writers.

Oh, and for those that might be wondering what show I'd been watching... Clannad (and Clannad After Story). No mecha, power armor, battles (well okay a few of the guys getting clobbered by the girls... but it was typically over the top silly), lots of tangled emotions and lovey dovey stuff. But overall a really good series to watch.

I have so much anime it's crazy at times, something like 40+ different series, from mecha combat to slice of life stuff. I just enjoy watching it, sometimes you get a really interesting idea for a game or project from it.

Until later!

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