Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The title says it all... pulled muscles in my back. So now I'm semi-stalled on painting, since I can't get more than about 30 minutes at a time sitting to do the work. Frustrating. But I have had time to work out details for finishing up the IG before I sell them. I'm going to sculpt and build some bases for the heavy weapons teams, and go with a basic sand + static grass on the infantry. Trouble is getting enough work done in 30 minutes or so at a time. Luckily I can keep the greenstuff work to a minimum, that will help a lot.

I've been sketching out patterns for the DE as harlequins. But I'm still a little stumped about a few things. Not sure I'll be going with the over the top bright colors, but I have at least worked out what kind of patterns I'll be using on the vehicles and infantry. I'm also going to be making a mold of the old harlequin jet bike front piece with the laughing face. I plan on using it on all the reavers. I'm debating ways to go with this army, as I plan to use it as a showcase army as well as an army for play. I have decided to stick to a theme the trouble is that the theme, while cool, may be uncompetitive. Not even sure if that matters honestly.

I've also been working slowly on basecoating my Sisters of Battle, going with an idea from White Dwarf used on a tomb kings model they had a few issues back. Their armor will be chaos black, with a baal red wash, and highlighted with red gore and blood red. Basically a very red stone type look. Then their tabards are going to be in blue, though I'm not sure if I'll put any markings on them. I've also decided to give their bolters wooden casings, using a variety of browns and giving the casings wood grain in the look. I think it will be a nice change from the many solid color or fully metal bolters I've seen over the years.

I'm still sorting out all the Reaper mini's, I have so many blisters with figs now it's pretty silly. During the sorting I'm working out what I will use for dioramas, single fig work, and sales work, with all the rest going up on eBay soon. I have a few ideas for dioramas that I really want to do, and several figs I plan to work on because I just love the fig. Crystal Brush is coming up, and I plan to have at least 4 entries.

I'm also working on ideas for Games Day and the Golden Daemon. But that is a ways off, so nothing but planning and plotting at this point for that.

Hopefully the aspirin will help ease my back up so I can get more work done...

Until Later!

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