Saturday, November 12, 2011

Slaanesh Guard Project, Part 3 (or How to Start With Crappy Looks and End Up With Something Looking Nice, Part 3)

This update puts the main infantry force of Slaaneshi Guard at about 90% finished. And the addition of Nurgle Guard auxiliaries into the mix. Having recieved a squad of older plastic and metal storm troopers (at least I think they are... but honestly it doesn't matter), as well as another Leman Russ and a squad of Heavy Bolter weapon teams.... Well it was time to diversify a little and add in some allies. Normally Nurgle and Slaanesh don't really like each other (at least fluff-wise), but in this case they have common cause... the ruination of the Imperium.

Last update I had done a little touch up, etc etc etc, read it if you want the details it is after all the post just below this one. Now I've worked a little magik and gone back over all the Liche Purple with a very dilute wash of 10:1 (water : Liche Purple) to tone down the highlights, and bring the highlights, base coat, and shading together. I also did a similar wash using Scorched Brown on some of the leather items of clothing. I finished up the sniper's camo cloaks with a 1:1 mix of P3 Ordic Olive : Water on the leaves of the cloaks.

I went through and finished up the 'glass' on the figs needing it. Yes it doesn't look like 'real' glass, it's more for visual difference that I did it the way I did. I also went in and added metalics to figs that I felt needed them, such as the standard bearer. For the metals I went with GW Tin Bitz, followed by P3 Blighted Gold, with a final highlight of P3 Brass Balls. This gave a nice range of coloration, without being too bright on the figs.

At this point the Slaaneshi only need me to go back and finish blood effects on chainswords (simply need to spot in some Red Gore and very very very small specks of Vermin Brown). And do a little touch-up on a some of the more obviously odd areas of skin/faces.

When it came to the Nurgle troops and tank I decided that I'd pull out the sculpting tools and green stuff and try an idea I'd had for a while. Some of the troops have tentacles emerging from various places on their bodies. Those tentacles are helping hold weapons, ammo reloads, and even helping shade the eyes of one fig as he looks on. The tank got a mix of green stuffed ideas added to it. Patches of armor that are morphing into pustule covered 'flesh', drooping flesh armor areas, a green stuffed eye on the turret and ooze coming from the muzzle breaks of the cannon, and intestine like things coming out of one of the sponsons.

I'll be painting this allied force with the same P3 Battledress Green on the fatigues, but will be shifting to a more pale green and grey/green 'rotting' look. The fatigue color will tie this force to the main force, while allowing for variation to show the difference in allegiance.

Now on to the update pics!

Next post will be mainly on the new allied contingent of Nurgle troops. As I am in a bit of a hold until early this coming week... ran out of primer... oops.

Until later!

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