Friday, November 4, 2011

Slaanesh Guard Project (or How to Start With Crappy Looks and End Up With Something Looking Nice, Part 1)

Started another project a couple days ago, having received a large number of IG figs (a mix of Vostroyan and Steel Legion). And since I already had a Leman Russ Vanquisher, which I had repaired, but hadn't started the conversion work I had planned. Well, a new idea formed and I got out the airbrush and finished up the tank in record time. Okay... not 'finished' persay, but I only have detailing to do, as I finished the base coating, highlighting, weathering, etc in about 4 hours.

I came to the conclusion that I like Slaanesh themed projects a long time ago, so why not start one of my own? No reason not to really, so I did. I power purpled the crap out of the IG figs, tossed in a bunch of LONG OOP squats, some Necromunda figs, and decided on a color scheme. Of course, this is a smallish project at present, with 3 HB weapons teams still taking a dip in the good ol' power purple bath, and another 10 Karskin IG figs and a Leman Russ soon to arrive. Basically this is going to be an infantry with support type of force, but I'm going to have fun with it.

Having started this, I decided why not document how you can take figs from looking like absolute crap initially to a fairly high tabletop standard. And this is the first post in the series.

This army is using the following as base coats:
GW Liche Purple
P3 Battledress Green
GW Dheneb Stone + GW Titilating Pink (OOP from about 20 years ago) (flesh base coat)
GW Codex Grey (Weapons, some armor)
GW Scorched Brown (some clothing)

At this point I have the Liche Purple, Battledress Green, and flesh base coating finished.

WIP Pics:

Overall the first thought is, purple and green/brown together? How can it work?

Response... pretty good really, they contrast and complement each other very well, without overpowering one or the other. They also do a great job of breaking up the figs so they don't look to overwhelmingly one color/tone. My next post in this series will have the final basecoats, and cover the initial shading techniques.

Until later!


  1. Those Vostroyans in the photo are Valhallans. Easy mistake to make. :p

    I was surprised at how well purples and earth tones work when painting my Hordes army, actually - good to see it still looks neat on less fussy models.

  2. Definitely a nice surprise to come across with the color scheme. The scorched brown and codex grey are working well with them also, helping to break up the larger areas and give a bit of contrast. I should have the next part up in a day or two.