Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random things I've painted

Here are pics of some of the things I've painted in recent months. Including the Iron Kingdoms gunslinger fig I have nearly finished in 3 hours of work (from priming to what you'll see). I would have taken the night off, as my youngest boy goes in for surgery to remove his adnoids and tonsels in 6 hours... but I had to keep busy. So the gunslinger that had been sitting on the desk for 5 months finally got worked on.

Keep in mind the Executioness fig is not entirely finished, as I have yet to go back and touch up a few mistakes from months back. And the demon is from the Malifaux range, but I can't for the life of me remember his name. Both were done before DieCon in June, and I finally got pics of them (think I had pics up of the demon at one point long ago, but I redid him after those).

Here we go!

For some reason my camera is giving every pic lately a bit of a 'glare' or 'shine' which doesn't exist. This tends to wash out the actual RL effect of the shade through highlight, especially on skin. But these pics do give the overall feel for the actual work.



  1. You probably need to diffuse the light. Set your models down on the desk, set the camera up to take the snap on a timer, and put a piece of tracing paper between the model and the strongest light source in the room. That tends to sort the glare out.

  2. Good idea, thanks! I have a light box, but for quick pictures its not worth the time to set it up. I'll get it out soon and do some good pics :)