Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clearing out some space

Well seeing as I have just a 'touch' to much in the way of miniatures/models... and limited storage space... I've put a bit of it up on eBay today. In the next week as I go through everything I'll be putting more up for sale there. Today saw the introduction of an OOP Catachan Jungle Fighters Army box w/6 additional Catachan Mortars (including crew arms), as well as a Gaunt's Ghosts box with an additional commisar/captain fig from the 1994 GW line (metal). Both auctions are easily accessible with my widget on the right hand side of the blog, so feel free to take a look, bid, buy them outright... I gotta get space for projects I'm working on. Not to mention I may be getting some commission work in the upcoming future.

So feel free to comment, etc. And have a great night!

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