Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Delays delays

Things were going so great, then suddenly I somehow strained my wrist. So my productivity went right into the toilet. Can't work for more than 20 minutes at a time without major pain, which is extremely annoying. Though there are some upsides to this lack of painting/modelling... Dean's List at the University again, and a Summer off to work on hobby/business things before I get going on my Bachelors program in Business Administration.

I've had a lot of time to think on some things, and came to a few realizations.

1) Putting together to-do lists is a life saver.
2) My 'fandex' project has to go on hold indefinitely, due to a number of reasons.
3) Need to sell some of my 'stock' to pay for some upcoming business related things.
4) Must finalize my Blood Angels Successor army.

To-do lists are a life saver, they've helped me keep on track and not go off on my 'normal' tangents of sporadic hobby work. Definitely have to get a little better at time optimization, but overall they've done a lot of good.

The 'fandex' is a great idea, but until I get a lot of other things out of the way it's just far to time consuming. So it's on the shelf until I can get the dedicated time for work on it.

Having to sell some of my stock has brought me to the point of doing an inventory. I have a TON of stuff I haven't touched yet, or only got to the priming phase. Then again I have a LOT of stuff I never even opened... So I'll be having a 'cleaning out the workspace' sale starting Friday on eBay. This will include my 3rd Ed. Space Hulk game (never opened), Catachan Jungle Fighters Army box (The older out of print one), and some other things. But overall I'm just wanting to get back what I paid on this stuff, so keep an eye out as I'll be posting each time an item goes up on eBay.

I've reached the point where I have an army that I can field, but it has a handful of figs I have to finish. As well as some weathering and detail work on some of it. At this point I'd put it at 80% finished overall. My goal is 2250 points total, and I currently have 1700 points finished to what I consider to be 'Excellent' quality. And roughly 300 points finished up to what I feel is 'table top' quality. I won't be taking any pics until I get at least 2k worth to what I feel is excellent quality, and with my wrist being what it is that might be about 2 weeks off. So basically just in time for the DieCon GT. One issue I'm debating is whether I should do a display board for them or not.

Needless to say I need to spend more time blogging and working, but it's been a hectic couple weeks, as well as painful. I'll be posting more though now that school is over until September, and I have a few articles roughed out that I'll be posting up soon on hobby topics.

Have fun and feel free to comment!

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