Monday, April 25, 2011

Ideas for a project

I've been having this series of ideas for a 40k project. Something a bit off the beaten track, and not at all the usual thing for 40k. A lot of the idea revolves around pirates, old time river transportation in the USA, and how things like that could work in 40k.

This idea is starting to gel into the basis of a fandex and hobby project. Though, this isn't going to be your typical fandex, as it won't be limited to one 'army', but to an entire campaign. I'm a few days off from working out a few of the preliminary details, but once I do I will be posting up things like crazy for a few days.

One of the things I'll be posting up will be the plans to build 3 different riverboats, 1 a 'chimera' analog, 1 a hellhound/etc analog, and the last a Leman Russ replacement. I also have ideas for a Valkyrie 'replacement' that is based on the idea of a zeppelin. Another thing I'm working on is the plans for a 'armor transport' for carrying 'typical' vehicles and troops.

Along with this project I'll be working out the details of a new gaming table I hope to build. One which is 'reversible'. With one side water, the other typical solid ground. As well as ideas for various terrain and buildings to be made for each of the sides.

At this point the 'armies' I plan to include in this project are...

Planetary Defense Force
River People Clans
Ork Raiders
Space Marine Mobile Strike Group (specialized)
Cultist Pirates

The planet is a very swampy and river delta like planet with only a few dozen truly solid land masses of any real size. Mountain ranges poke out of the water, and the quasi-hive cities of this world bore into them for their mineral wealth. Each of the cities is home to tens of millions of people. Transportation is based on river traffic as well as somewhat primitive airship traffic. The River People Clans hold sway over territories across the planet, based around small solid land masses. They trade foodstuffs as well as organically produced chemicals to the hive cities in exchange for refined metals and other useful things.

More to come...

Feel free to comment, critique, give suggestions, etc. I'm definitely wanting input on this project!

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