Monday, April 11, 2011

Basing Blood Angels

Took the time yesterday to get the bases nearly finished (minor touch-up to do) and based 10 of the 30 assault marines. Got some nice pics of the WIP from early in and near the end to share.

I started the bases with a base coat of grey primer, over this I used P3 Battledress Green for the areas of earth, and Fortress Grey on the stone tiles and piece of broken column on the bases. Over this I used a wash of the old GW Striking Scorpion Green mixed 1:20 with water to wash the earth areas, and 1 drop of blue ink with 20 drops of water which I washed over all the stone on the bases.

These pics show how the bases looked at this stage of base coat and washes. Admittedly they look rough, but as the work progresses they look better and better. At this point I also did a dry brush highlight with the Battledress Green to dampen down the effect of the green wash, which was pretty intense initially.

This is after some minor edge work with Sky Blue and Skull White. I did this to give myself some guides for the final stage of work, which is to blend in some striation lines in the stone. To this I added some of the truly excellent The Army Painter Battlefields Jungle Tuft. Using that really made the bases 'pop', making them more lively and breaking up the earthy/stone look.

Here we have pics of the asm's with the bases.

Really should have fiddled with the contrast and brightness on this one...

grrr.... needed to get out the lightbox but got lazy...

The bases really help the figs, with their contrasts to the marines, as well as the  active posing of the figs giving them a feeling of motion.

This pic really shows how the colors and jungle tufts really help make the base stand out from the fig.

Next update will have the finished asm's, as well as the initial phases of work on the next 2 stormravens. Overall the hardest part is done with this project, and the vehicles and dreads are going to be a lot less time intensive.

Comments, critiques, suggestions, questions, feel free to speak your mind!

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