Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adepticon... how I wish I was there

Well, Adepticon is in full swing, and I didn't go. For a number of reasons, but lets just say that one car in a family of four is a big one... So I've been working my fingers to nubs on BA asm jumper figs, all magnetized for swapping in normal packs to foot slog. I'd post up pics, but my wife disappeared to visit family and took the camera (with the memory card holding a few dozen pics of WIP stuff).

Needless to say, being home, working on painting... and with no vehicle... I'm bored silly. But in the end it will pay off, since I have no distractions I can get more detail work and blending work done... and varnishing. I've decided against dipping, but I have decided to thin the varnish and brush it. Should make application more controlled and less prone to 'wtf, why did it pool there...' issues.

I've also finished work on my new lightbox for taking pics. Trouble is, until I finish up more work, my work space has no room for the lightbox. So no pics using it until I finish up my current round of work. I'm also looking at getting another light to up the lighting to 3. Which should also help in the pic taking department.

So, for those at Adepticon... damn you... and good luck in your games!

For those not there, well, hope you're having a good weekend.

I have roughly a month 2 months to get my Blood Angels ready for the DieCon GTT. So that will feature more in the coming weeks. And I'll be working on some IG after I get more of the BA stuff finished.

When it comes to the IG I'm flip-flopping between a few ideas for theme and paint scheme. So I wouldn't mind a bit of help on nailing down what I'll be doing.

At this point my ideas are:
1) Hive Gang with military toys and 'probation officers' (commisars, etc.)
2) Tron-esque, with black 'body suits' with colored line work.
3) Catachan Jungle Fighters (well it's what they are, but that seems pretty boring and done done done)
4) Chaos Cultists.

Feel free to comment, make suggestions, etc. I'm not sure what way to go with the IG at this point.

Until Later!

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  1. I feel ya man, I feel ya. I'm in a one car situation myself.

    Next year, though. Next year....