Monday, April 4, 2011

Space Wolves roughly 1500 point force for sale

The following pics are of the Space Wolves force I had been working on, which I'm putting up on eBay tonight for sale. The blizzard theme is helped along with use of snow powders on the armor and bases. I did this army in a reasonable table top quality, so don't expect to see award winning work. But this force also includes some well weathered drop pods, which I showed and explained the way to go about it in earlier posts. Here are some of the pics of the finished force.
All of the wolves.
Custom rune priest and wolf lord with belt of russ.
there are 3 Grey Hunter packs (8, 8, and 6 all with wolf banners).

Wolf Guard pack.
Foreground: Wolf Scouts with meltagun. Background: Small 2 man long fang pack with ML.

Overall this is a nice entry level force with plenty of potential for expansion. For less than $150 you could make this into the core of a fairly hard Space Wolves army. I fully admit, if I'd spent a few more days on this it would look even better, but I had to get some bare bones work out of the door to help pay the bills. Feel free to check out my eBay sales that show up in my gadget. And I'm looking for commission work right now.

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