Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stormravens and Furiosos

Deboxing has happened... now I'm debating whether to attempt to paint on the sprue (has some advantages) or desprue and partially assemble for painting. At this point I'm thinking partial assembly would be simpler in the long run, so I'll likely go with that. I've also begun work on several furiosos. One metal furioso (which was a pain to gap fill), and very likely 3 more (1 furioso box, but also a venerable and ironclad available to work with). At this point I may end up with 2 furiosos, 1 furioso libby, and a death company dread out of it.

I've been working on the paint scheme for my Blood Angels successor chapter. The chapter symbol is a set of pail brown/gold wings with a blue blood drop. Their color scheme is red for most, and bone for death company and sanguinary guard. Libby's will be bone with left arm red and right arm blue. Sanguinary priests will be bone with red left arm, and chaplains will be black. All will have red shoulder pads. Squad markings will be in their own right up once I finalize some of the thoughts on this chapter, which I have named the Angels Tears.

Oh, and time for me to bring back something I used to do...

More to come, feel free to comment!

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