Monday, March 28, 2011

Thinking ahead, Diecon GT

Seeing as I have 2 months until the Diecon GT, I realized I need to get working on lists and testing lists. It is a 2000 point tournament, and I'll be using my Blood Angels successors, so I have the basics for working on this. I have two ways I can go with this, actually three, but I'm leaning towards either Deepstrike or an Armored Spearhead. I could go hybrid, but for the first lists I'll be working with one of those two themes.

My first I came up with a quick list that seems somewhat solid, but may get some tweaking.

Deepstrike list #1.

Dante                                                                                               225
Mephiston                                                                                        250
10x ASM w/JP, Meltagun, Flamer, Powerfist, Infernus                      245
10x ASM w/JP, Meltagun, Flamer, Powerfist, Infernus                      245
10x ASM, Meltagun, Flamer, Powerfist, Infernus                              230
Stormraven  Hurricane, TLMM, TLLC, EA                                      245
Stormraven  Hurricane, TLMM, TLPC, EA                                      245
Furioso Dread  Blood Talons, HvyFlamer, Magna, EA                     165
Furioso Dread  HvyFlamer, FragC, EA                                            150

Total                                                                                               2000

This list has Mephiston with the non-jumper ASM squad + furioso (either) in a raven to hit hard targets, and be a mobile hood. The other raven + furioso, and 2 ASM squads (one with Dante) act as spoilers. This list can all deepstrike in, or if that looks like a bad idea all be deployed on the table. Constant movement with the ravens should help keep them alive, as well as give them the ability to hit armor and hard spots with their weapons loadouts (go go machine spirit). Overall this isn't a bad list, a bit on the low end of 'boots in the mud', but it has plenty of killing potential, and mobility.

The next list (preliminary) is the Armored Spearhead list #1.

Armored Spearhead list #1.

Mephiston                                                                                           225
10x Tac  Flamer, MM, Pfist, combi-melta + Rhino EA, SB, HKM       290
10x Tac  Flamer, MM, Pfist, combi-melta + Rhino EA, SB, HKM       290
15x Death Company, Bolters, 2x infernus, 2x pfist, 2x pweap +
       LR Crusader EA, SB                                                                   685
5x Assault Term, 3x LC, 2x TH/SS + LR EA, SB                               485

Total                                                                                                 2000

This list has Mephiston with the DC in the Crusader, as a mobile hood bubble and massively effective tarpit/cleaner unit. The two Tac squads combat squad, with half in each Rhino. The Rhino's follow the LR's up the board to grab further out objectives, while the combat squaded Tac's foot slog to nearer ones. Putting the heavy weapons into the foot units and getting them into cover gives some utility on their defense. While leaving the flamers in the meched up tac's gives them a nice little out the firepoint template, and when debarked the ability to potentially deal with larger groups of infantry.

The LR's are mobile bunkers, and their cargo is deadly. The assault terms are there to crush Hard targets, tanks, dreads, etc. It doesn't hurt that the god hammer has it's TLLC's for hard target removal, and the Crusader has it's Assault Cannon. The Rhino's are backup anti-tank with their Hunter-Killer Missiles.      

Overall these lists look 'on paper' reasonably solid, though I'm not sure if they are feasible yet. For their themes they each work, but could be narrowed down or generalized more as needed. I'm leaning more towards the first list for initial testing, but I'm open for input to help tighten each of the lists up. Just don't suggest vindicators, because I don't happen to have any, and I'm not buying any anytime soon heh.

Feel free to comment, critique, give suggestions, I sure could use the input!                          

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