Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP Space Wolves

As I'm waiting on my air brush and air compressor to be delivered, I decided to start putting together figs and getting them primed in preparation of the delivery. Here is my current progress on 30ish Space Wolves, they will also have 2 drop pods and a rhino when I finish them up.

The rough priming, including the grainyness, is on purpose. I plan to do these SW figs in a snow theme, with snow not only on the bases, but also 'frozen' to their armor. The rough and grainy priming will help by giving 'raised areas' to work with on the snow/ice.

This is obviously an old and grizzled SW veteran, either a wolf guard or wolf lord. The pose shows nice movement, as if he's stalking into the snowy wind.
The wolf on the left is one of my favorites in this batch so far. He looks like he's charging in bolter blazing and chainsword ready to maim the enemies of Russ.
The wolf on the left in this one is another fav in this group of figs. He looks like he's roaring out a challenge, and preparing to rush at his opponent.
The wolf on the right in this pic is definitely fighting back the wolf within as he challenges his opponent.

More updates coming soon!

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