Monday, March 21, 2011

Updates updates... yeah

Okay, the weekend got away from me, family and such suddenly taking away my free time. I did get some work done, nearly finished the detail work on all 33+ wolves, and assembled, primed, and initial shading on both drop pods. I'll have pics later today, once I get things finalized.

I'll be doing the wolves with a mix of resin cast (by me) bases, and flat bases, with a mix of snow to make them into winter bases. Seeing as the Space Wolves come from a world that is ice and snow bound most of the time, I felt it would be thematic to do it that way. I need to get out the casting rubber for the next project, I need to replicate some bases for the Blood Angels successor figs I'm getting ready to desprue a bijillion bits for.

I also need to revisit the finished stormraven and give it a little more tlc on the shading I think. Oh, and I still need to finish up the last 10 figs for the Salamanders batch I started last November, and get them up on eBay.

So, onward we go. 'Til later today!

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