Thursday, March 3, 2011

Updates updates updates... and such

Session is almost over, my Saturdays are about to free up again, and I have a TON of figs to paint.

Currently I have the following to work on.
1x Astaroth the Grim
1x Mephiston
2x Blood Angels Battleforce
3x Stormraven Gunships
1x Drop Pods
1x Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer
2x Furioso Dreadnaughts
1x Siege Dread
1x Venerable Dread
1x Sanguinary Guard squad
1x Death Company squad
1x Baal Predator
1x Predator
5x Rhino/Razorback
1x Catachan Jungle Fighters Army
1x Gaunt's Ghosts box
2x Commisars
3x Catachan Snipers
1x Catachan Hvy Flamer
1x Leman Russ (with Forgeworld Vanquisher turret)
1x Space Wolves Battleforce
and 40 marines to repurpose, as well as 20 metal terminators to repurpose.

As well as having picked up another 20 ork boyz and a mekboy and truck to add to my oldest boys soon to be started ork army. Which I have decided will be done entirely by him with limited help from me. This should turn out a fairly 'interesting' in the chinese proverb way force. Since he's starting with what I got him plus the ork contents from an Assault on Black Reach box. My youngest soon gets the marines from that box, and quite possibly a few things from my pretty huge collection of marine stuff to paint up as he likes. Which yet again should end up with something... well... colorful.

Basically I have a lot to work on and keep busy with, and will get back into taking pics of the work in progress, and finished work. Been a while, but I have to get back into the swing of things, especially with school restarting next week. My schedule has become somewhat more flexible though, so my painting will have more time.

I've decided to do the BA stuff in a successor chapter color scheme, though I'm still debating between the Angels Encarmine or going with a chapter that isn't shown in the Codex or other places.

Be well!


  1. Flesh Tearers everytime, so cool looking and easy enough to paint and have a cool named character too. Of course, your own BA Successor Chapter is equally cool. Good luck with the long list!

  2. Thanks, I've set myself a 2 week timeline to get the majority done. So I'm in for a hectic couple weeks with university classes starting again next week. But it's going to be manageable, since marines are pretty easy to do. The IG are going to be a pain, but nothing I haven't dealt with before.