Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wolves, an update and WIP

Tomorrow I'll be starting on the next 19 PA wolves and 4 termies. Tonight I'm finalizing detail work on the 19 wolves I have been working on the last few days. Also I've gotten about 30% done with Astorath, mainly because I needed a break from painting blue/grey heh.

One thing I've found is useful in painting a number of troops is keeping to the same palette of colors, any changes throws the whole batch out of whack. So I do my best to work on specific color until all the figs are done, then start the next. Batch painting at its finest.

Gotta love the dynamism and feel of the trickster. A lot of fun to paint this fig.
Gotta love the stalking forward, and his coloring is working well.... I seriously need to get better at taking pictures though.
Ah, Astorath, so utterly 'I'm coming to kill you!' love this fig. Of course all the little details are a pain, but it is a great fig overall.
At this point I'm looking at 6 wolf guard, 2 long fangs, 5 blood claws, 25 grey hunters. Plus 2 drop pods, possibly 2 rhinos, and 'maybe' a dreadnaught. Once completed they are going up for sale. Then it will be time to hammer out my BA stuff, before grinding away at IG. Overall I'm looking at a lot of work, but nothing to insane. And my work deadlines for each project are coming together nicely.

As I get into a rhythm of painting, I can sometimes crank out roughly 2500 points of painted figs a week... at least to tabletop quality. Going to higher quality drags that down quite a bit, but overall I've pretty well mastered batch painting. A skill anyone working on a large army should eventually learn.

Tomorrow I'll be posting on a pair of topics, though I am up for suggestions on topics related to miniature games. I'll be stepping on some toes with one of my topics... 'Comp'. The other topic at this point is up for replacement or suggestions, it being 'The effect of painting on the use of miniatures'.

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