Sunday, March 27, 2011

Space Wolves 1500ish point force finished!

Well, being sick didn't help, but finally finished the Wolves force I've been working on. Pics pics pics... and me bemoaning my need of a good lightbox with every single shot I took. Luckily some of the issues could be dealt with in photoshop... but the quality of the pictures is still in the middlin' range. I do have a lightbox in the design phase right now (materials are on hand, but I haven't gotten to putting them together).

So without further ado...

Custom rune priest, this pic does no justice to the runes on the sword.

I leaned a few of the wolves in a stance which gives them a running look, this is one of them, and I love how his face came out.

Another with a great face, my pics don't do these figs justice at all.

You can see some of the blizzard theme which had me putting snow on the figs as well as the bases.

Go go wolf scouts... some with 'blizzard effects'.

My kingdom for not having to build the lightbox myself... but overall I love how these wolves came out.

Wolfguard, three of them, this one having on of the more expressive faces got a bit more picture attention.

Custom wolf lord, which unfortunately didn't come out too well in this pic, but looks great in person.
I'll retake pics of some of these for my archives in the next few days, after I get my new lightbox built. I just need to get down to measuring, cutting, drilling, pinning, and taping and it will be done. Overall this project took a lot longer than it should have, due in no small part to spending a lot of time lately helping my wife get her business up and running. But now that things have settled down a bit, and I have things back in order again... I'll be getting started on my next project! Blood Angels successor chapter (name hasn't been settled on, but the paint scheme has).

Yes, 35 jump assault marines so far.

At this point I have the following done for this next project. And I've set a deadline on getting all of the BA miniatures and models in my storage cabinet finished... April 15th. This could be a tight deadline, but overall I think it is doable. The project has Astorath the Grim, a custom built Dante, Mephiston, 40 jp asm (magnetized jump packs & backpacks to allow for jump or foot), 30ish death company, 30 tac/dev, 15 scouts, 5 sanguinary guard,  2 baal preds, 3 furioso dreads, 2 more storm ravens, a LR crusader, some repainting on some figs I have that fit the color scheme I've settled on (like 30ish), 4 rhinos/razorbacks, and repainting/touch-up on a god-hammer LR.

Needless to say, the next few weeks will be fun, and have lots and lots and lots of red paint!

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