Tuesday, March 15, 2011


To keep myself doing regular posts I've put together a schedule for my posting. This should help keep me from taking weeks off from posting, and keep my project updates flowing more regularly.

As of right now I'm nearly finished with the first 14 space wolves figs, working on details now. I'll be starting the next 23 tomorrow (4 of them terminators). Then on to the 2 drop pods. I've also begun work on Astorath the Grim, but ran into an issue with my airbrush and clogging, so I've had to rework my paint thinning a bit.

New posting schedule:
Monday - Thoughts on the hobby - tips/tutorials/etc
Tuesday - Project updates
Wednesday - Thoughts on the hobby - debates/rants/general thoughts/etc
Thursday - Project updates
Friday - Project updates & Misc hobby posts
Saturday & Sunday - nothing official, days off, tournaments, etc.

Later tonight I'll get a post up with pics of my current space wolves work, and my thoughts on ways to go with the project. As well as getting things together for my Wednesday post. If I can keep to this schedule things should go a lot more smoothly, as well as help me keep my projects going at a steady rate.

I've got ideas for tomorrows post, and it's going to be a couple of posts... hopefully thought provoking, and bringing up debate and discussion by the readers.

Until later tonight!

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