Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hobby Organizing

Looking around the internet for ideas on ways to organize my work space I came across a company named HobbyZone in Poland. They have a great selection of paint organizers, a really awesome hobby tool organizer, painting/modeling stations, and dice towers for use while playing your favorite wargames. The prices (in US $) are very reasonable, though shipping could cost a pretty penny. Seeing how they put their things together I may just have to get out the power tools, borrow a few more, and buy the materials to just build similar things for my own use.

A few examples of their products:

This one is $44 (not including shipping).

They have this in GW sizes as well as Vallejo/etc. $9!!!!

This is the Professional Paint Stations, $35!
If you are looking for ways to organize your workspace, I'd seriously suggest considering their products. They use UPS to ship, so the shipment should be reasonably fast worldwide.

Until later!


  1. Yeah, I'll probably be 'borrowing' the design ideas to make some at home for myself. They are very clean designs and should be easy enough to do without having a full blown woodworking shop.

  2. Ohhhh, I like these a lot! I've been anti-workstations in the past (mainly due to my poor organization and messy work area), but these are tight. Great find.

  3. Thanks, I hit the 'omg, I can't find anything in my workspace' zone a couple months ago and finally realized it's time to get some organization helping items. So finding these was a pretty sweet thing.