Sunday, July 22, 2012

Upcoming updates

Well things have been overly hectic of late, so no blogging for a while. But now that things are settling into a new routine I'm back at the keyboard.

First up a small list of upcoming blog articles.

Infinity review, as I've gotten into Infinity and it's definitely time to pimp the game a bit.

Terrain tutorial(s)/WIP post. I've gotten all crafty lately building terrain for Infinity, but the articles I'll be doing aren't specific to that system.

WIP pics of miniatures I'm working on. Which at the moment is a fair number of ALEPH and JSA figs for Infinity, but I have some reaper and other things on the workbench too. So these should be filler posts over the coming weeks.

Review of Freebooter's Fate rules, as I won a copy from Frontline Gamers. It's pretty interesting, but with a lack of funds I won't be getting more for it soon.

Updates on the 'great clear out my 40k overstock', as I will be putting up more stuff (including bits bundles) on eBay in the next couple weeks. It's ridiculous how much stuff I have no need for now that I'm sticking to Killzone level 40k play.

Tutorials on blending, and how to do varied opacity latex paint schemes... though that one is waiting on me getting back to work on my ALEPH, as it will be MUCH easier to explain with WIP pics.

So until later!

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