Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post holiday post

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and if you had the 'good fortune' of Black Friday shopping got what you were trying to get (I know I did).

I'm elbow deep into working on the battleforce box minis. I've tossed out several chapters and settled on Salamanders for this force. Mainly because green sounded more enjoyable to paint than yellow (sorry Imperial Fists, yellow isn't hard, but it is annoying at times). At this point I have the scout squad (painted) and assault squad (painted and magnetized for gear swapping). I've also decided that instead of 15 tac marines, I'll do 10 tac and 5 sternguard or devestators out of what is left in the box. Still deciding on the stern or devs though, so *shrug*. I'll have pics of the current work up either later today or tomorrow.

Next on my 'elbows deep in work' are my epic trollblood warcasters. They've been lamenting their fate at being left roughly half finished for a bit over a week now. And I should actually have them done in a few days. I just needed a break from high detail minis, so I decided to push them back a few days. At this point I need to finish up work on the leather, tartan, and armor and they will be ready for full basing. Not a lot, but it is about 3 layers of blending for each part.

I've also started working on the palette I'll be using for my Crystal Brush entries. I have a limited edition Dragonblood mini as well as a Kabuki minis Executioneress fig that are definites for entries. I'm also looking into at least 1-2 more slightly larger projects for the Crystal Brush.

I'm also roughing out a post on custom color mixing to go along with the next batch of posts on the Salamanders I'm working on. Some may be surprised at what was mixed to get their greens.

Later hobby enthusiasts!

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