Monday, November 1, 2010

Inventory expansion

This last week was rather annoying and good at the same time. I've expanded my miniature inventory to work on by quite a bit, with more on the way. A number of Hordes and Warmachine minis just arrived. A Space Marine battleforce and razorback are getting ready to be worked on (with a large number of minor conversions), a Space Hulk game is begging me to open it and get to work on the minis inside. A Bretonian Pegasus Rider will be arriving soon, as will a mini from Dragonblood miniatures and one of the 21st century pin-up figs from Kabuki Miniatures ( Also I've picked up a few cans of The Army Painter color primer (Rat Fur, and Pure Red), and I may order up a couple more just to expand options. And I'll be dealing with static grass, which is a new concept for me, the results should be interesting.

Progress on my Knight of Bal Timorea has been at a standstill while I dealt with family and school issues, but will resume this week. I need to work on the base and it will be finished, so at this point I'm working on ideas for how to finish it. At this point I'm thinking simple may be better, but I don't want it to be just a plain dirt/grass basing.

My Star Drakes are also getting some more work this week as I finalize poses for the riders. At this point I plan to have (of the 5 in the works atm) 2 riding, 1 mounting, and 2 standing alongside their mounts (fighting alongside). I've mounted the cold ones on 60mm bases, which allows me to really go to town on their bases, which will be a mix of slate/shale rock outcroppings and ground foliage/jungle vines. I may add some skeleton bits, and other fun items, but that is still being debated.

I've had to bin 13 2 of my molds due to an issue with air bubbles, so new molds are being worked on this week as well. I'm finding that my Star Drake shoulderpad has issues with air bubbles in the raised details, so I've changed its placement in the mold form to help account for that, and hopefully reduce issues. I don't plan to use the shoulderpad for ALL of the Star Drakes, but definitely for 'noteable' figs, such as HQ's and Scale Guard (Wolf Guard).

My Deathwatch killteam is on hold, I have one fig 85% finished, but he's going into the Simple Green for a fresh restart. I've had some ideas on how to do the silver on the left arm and shoulderpad that will make it interesting to do.

I've also started to 'remodel' my workspace, I'm removing a computer from one desk, and turning that desk into my workspace. I've bought a number of storage containers (multi-bin ones) to help sort out bits in a more efficient way (triple the storage = much less headaches). I'm also looking into a larger sortable container for my paints, as I've simply outgrown the one I have by nearly double its capacity.

My lightbox is now in the 'gotta get the time to do it' stage, as my initial lightbox had a number of issues due to size. I'm looking into getting 2 more lights for use with it as well, though I'm not so sure daylight bulbs are really necessary (not to mention they are freaking expensive). Any suggestions on light bulbs and simple/cheap light fixtures for use with a lightbox would be appreciated.

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