Monday, October 25, 2010

A week at a glance

This last week took up all of my painting and sculpting time, as it was finals week for university classes I'm taking. I did get a little work done, but overall nothing worth taking pics of. Ran into some issues with my shoulder pad molds, and I'll have to make new molds. My RTV is having 'issues', but I know how to fix the problem with air pockets. Soon I'll be placing an order for some 30 minute or 1 hour cure time resin, still researching to see which will work out best for me.

Unfortunately, due to my class schedule for the next 8 weeks, I won't be playing in any tournaments. But I will be taking at least one night a week to get to the FLGS and get a few battles in. Finalizing my killzone team, and looking into getting a mini-league going for it at the LGS.

Since I don't have pics of any new work, I bring you...

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