Friday, October 15, 2010

Knight of Bal Timorea Finished (nearly) & other projects

With a day off today, and looking like tomorrow I got out the paints, green stuff, and sculpting tools. Getting down to work finishing up the main points of my Knight of Bal Timorea, as well as sculpting several Space Marine shoulderpads.

Having decided on the final colors for the knight, I got to work. Starting with the darkest shades on the armor, and the medium tones on the clothing. I then worked in lighter shades on the points of highlight until reaching a not quite silver, giving his armor an older and less polished look. I then shaded then highlighted through the clothing of the knight. His helmet got a wooden upper and yellow band and streamers to match the horses coverings.

Work on the base will begin tomorrow, but that should be the very easiest work for this knight. A mixture of sands and tiny stones will be used, and depending on how that looks a light amount of green flock possibly. I debated using milliput to sculpt something for the base, but decided against it as I couldn't guarantee it would match up with the other knights.

Earlier this morning (Thursday) I spent some time sculpting a few shoulder pads. One for the Iron Snakes (which oddly enough was harder to do), and one for my Star Drakes (which could also be used for Salamanders). I also did a right shoulderpad with a circular icon plate, for use in individual heraldry, awards, etc for a marine. Overall the work turned out well, the Star Drake pad is quite good, and not flush to the pad, having raised areas giving a 3D effect.

Next on my list of projects will be work on my Thunderwolf Cavalry 'counts as' unit. It is marines riding cold ones, to fit the Star Drakes dino/dragon theme. I'm considering having some of the marines standing next to, mounting, and riding the cold ones. To give the unit and its individual figs their own character.

I will also be working on a few more shoulder pads tomorrow, Brazen Claws being first on the list (still have to grab the chapter symbol to go from). And I'm finishing up sketches for some boltgun variants to sculpt up, a bullpup design, a 'rifle' design, and one with dual drum magazines. I'll be putting up pics of my first batch of custom bases, which I will be selling soon, later today after getting some other work finished.

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