Friday, October 8, 2010

My Knight of Bal Timorea (Part 1).

Having taken up the challenge of making a Knight of Bal Timorea, I've gotten to work. Firstly I decided on a main color scheme, yellows being the predominant binding color in the scheme. I've decided on the field for the heraldry, a split black and white field, but I'm still working on the rest. The knight will be riding on a grey/white horse. Yellow caparison, and main color of the cloth, is blended to all the other colors with a small amount of yellow ink in every color used in this figure.

As these initial pics show (my light box is being rebuilt so outside I went for lighting), the overall look is good. I've so far done a blended layering of the yellow, as well as for a good portion of the horses coat. Leather is going to be a 4 stage blending/highlighting, as is the armor.

The next steps will be the blending and shading work on the leather, followed by the armor. I will then work on the tail and horses mouth and eyes. Then I will begin work on the knight himself. This pic makes it a bit hard to notice, but the cloth is distressed, and looks like it has been in several battles. I've also included 'repairs' using 'leather' ties to it. As this knight isn't very wealthy, and thus has to do some of his own repair work.

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