Saturday, October 9, 2010

Aaaargh! (and more not Aaaargh!)

The one thing I didn't want to have happen while I waited for my business start up cash to arrive... my primary PC has died due to a heat sink pump failure.... Which means I have to go buy my 4th liquid cooler for my PC in the last 2 years. From personal experience, I will have to say, do NOT buy the Domino liquid cooler systems for any PC. I've had nothing but trouble with them from the beginning. I'd go to a heat pipe setup, if I hadn't lost one piece from my motherboard required to mount more traditional heat sinks. Needless to say, that one part is not one that can be purchased from the mobo manufacturer. As it stands, I think when the money shows up I'll be yanking this motherboard and getting a newer ASUS M4 series mobo, and a heat pipe cpu cooler system.

In other news, the movie Killers is hilarious, and well worth renting. Watched it tonight, and enjoyed the heck out of it. I'll be watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid tomorrow with the family, actually looking forward to that.

Deathwatch update. I've gotten down to resin casting more shoulderpads for them, looking at doing a 10 man squad. So far I have pads for 5 finished, and the sculpting for the rest is ongoing. I plan to do 10 different chapters for this kill team. The chapters I will be doing are Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Black Templars, Ultramarines, Storm Wardens (Anyone else notice their emblem is almost exactly the same as the Nerf N-Strike logo?), Iron Snakes, Star Drakes (my homebrew chapter), and 2 other chapters I'm still debating which. Suggestions would be helpful.

My Knight of Bal Timorea is coming along nicely. I plan to get finished with the horse by this evening, and get the base coats down on the knight. I'm still trying to work out what to put on the black and white field for the coat d'arms. Sticking with the 'poor knight' concept I've also distressed his shield, armor, and over clothing. His lance will be wooden with metal pieces, and not a more typical take on it (as show in the Brettonia army book). I'm actually thinking of using the grail as part of his coat d'arms, making him a grail knight. This actually would fit with the fluff, as many grail knights give up titles, lands, etc. to take on the duty of defending a place sacred to the Lady of the Lake.

I put forth the challenge to the followers of this blog, again. Check last months posts in the archive for the Deathwatch challenge. It's not a tough challenge overall, and the minis can be used for the Deathwatch RPG, or in a marine army (possibly as Sternguard, etc.).

Until later!


  1. For your last 2 marines may I suggest Brazen claws and celestial lions? I'm a fan of these guys and they have great chapter symbols.

  2. Hmmm... ah okay yeah I like the Brazen Claws chapter symbol, think I may just do that one. Still up for more suggestions on the last one though (can't just use up all the suggestions in one shot heh). Thanks!