Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DieCon GT pics and commentary

I'd have gotten these up yesterday, but blogspot decided to not upload any of my pics due to maintenance... so... here we go again!

To start I have a couple of the boards that I liked. The City Fight board I LOVED... a lot of people didn't like it, but I wanted to be placed there every match!

This board was brought in by omegahobbies.com it was very interesting to see, and the test game I played on it was a brutal fight that pushed both me and my opponent to think in new ways. I enjoy boards like this, ones that aren't a flat plain with some buildings, hills, and forests. They make you think, and use tactics that are much different than just horizontal moves.

In contrast this board I liked because you see SO MANY green or brown boards, deserts, plains, forests, blah blah blah. Fighting on a board that looks like winter has hit is just a great change of pace. Sure, it's another typical set up for terrain, but theming it like this changes how you percieve the fight in the mind's eye.

Next up we have some of the armies that were at the GT. There were several GK armies, as well as a number of Space Wolf, Blood Angel, and other marines. There was one Tau list, and one Dark Eldar list (which I didn't get pics of... camera battery ran out...), and a few Ork lists. The person that took 1st place (if memory serves) played the Deathwing list with 36 th/ss termies and 3 typhoons, a hard hard list to deal with.

I didn't get a pic with his full army, there were at least 2 more gh packs to put on the display, but this shows how nice it looked nonetheless.

The one pic I got of my own army at the GT was of one of the fights... it has been entitled 'The Laziest Fight Ever!'

During the match, we had this fight come about... unfortunately the piece of terrain was at just the right angle that not a single one of our figs could stand, so they were all laid down and the fight rolled out. But the sight of them all lying there had us both cracking up about how lazy they all were. Great time, great time.

Later tonight I hope to get pics of my army up, but it might be tomorrow... not sure where I put the charger for the camera. So until then, have fun, roll the dice, and keep gaming!

Feel free to comment, I love to see other people's opinions!

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