Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Display Board

With only the addition of foliage clumps (grasses and ivy) as well as matte varnishing left to do, this is the display board I've been working on. This board was a situation in which the theory 'Less is More' really hit home for me. I limited the palette of colors to browns, greens, and grey. Overall it came out quite nicely, and the longest part was waiting for glue to dry.

I used non-diluted white glue to base the sand, then sprayed it down with watered down white glue. Once those dried a bit I added another spritz of watered down white glue, and more sand, with another layer of watered down glue over that. Needless to say it took about 5 hours to dry in the end, but it's basically solid (though there are a few spots that still seem detached).

First up are pics of the work at the midway point.

Overall the base coats, flocking, and sand came together well by the midpoint. (And yes, I really should sweep my driveway... dang tree and it's wierd puffy seeds...). The main issue at this point was that I couldn't get my big brush into all the crevasses, so I had to wait until everything dried to get in there with matching paint and a small brush to cover the pink insulating foam in some spots.

Next up are pics of the basically finished board.

Pic using flash, interior lighting was a bit iffy so took this one to help show things a little better.

In the end, I sprayed army painter rat fur on the stone areas. Did all the stone tiles and the larger stones in fortress grey. And touched up the darker brown/green with a highlight of randomly brushed P3 beast hide. I'll be adding some of the Army Painter tufts and their Poison Ivy to this to finish up before I hit it all with a liberal coating of Army Painter Matte Finish.

I use a mix of 2 types of sand (one coarse, one fine) as well as basic green flock for typical ground cover. It comes out nicely without to much 'grass' or to much 'dirt'. These pics all show how well it works together, and as a display base it isn't too over the top, so it doesn't detract from the miniatures displayed on it. That is a key thing with a display base, it shouldn't draw attention away from the figs, but help to highlight the figs with a nice background.

I'll have some pics of a few of the figs in my finalized army in a bit, just waiting on some matte finish to dry as I post this on my two dreads for the list. But I do have a request for the readers!

I need 8 names, NOT LATIN SOUNDING, for use on various miniatures in the army. So feel free to suggest a name or three, and I'll be freehanding the names onto scrolls on the figs in the morning (And I'll probably put up pics of the figs that get named with credit to the suggester of the name!)

Until later!

Feel free to comment, question, critique, etc!


  1. Brother Luchezar
    Brother Garvan (Bulgarian for "raven")
    Brother Rimidalv
    Brother Cyril

    :) Hope you like them.

  2. Real nice board man!
    Sorry I'm not very good with names other than latin sounding (cos thats what I use) haha.