Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DieCon GT prep nearly finished

I'll be posting a bit tonight about my final prep work for the DieCon GT this weekend. One of the things I've been working on the last few days has been a display board for the army. Since I got a REALLY good deal on some Luan (pricey plywood for those that haven't heard of it), it became a must do on the display board... hard to pass up $1 for a 2'x4' sheet of it, since it's $15 local for a 4'x4' or $32 local for a 4'x8'. The real pisser of it all was the cost of some custom mixed flat paint... $11 for a quart. Seriously, I used to work in a Lowe's paint department years back, but still, the cost has sky rocketed on paint in recent years. Back in the day (like 12-15 years ago) I'd have gotten the same amount for about $5. But I digress.

I've nearly finished all the work on the figs. Would have finished them weeks ago, but got a bug up my butt about some things and spent a lot more time than I should have working on some things than I should have. I'm still a bit unhappy about a few of the figs, but I'm blaming my 'must be perfect' attitude on working on personal figs for that... okay I have that attitude about every fig I work on.

At this point I have 1 fig that isn't nearly finished. But it should only take another hour or so to finish up... Mephiston. I've decided to go with my own interpretation of him in the color choices. He's obviously still a Blood Angel, but I'm using his non-armor areas to express things in my own ways. I'm still debating doing some free-hand work on his cloak, but with my wrist still giving me issues I'm not sure I could really do justice to the fig.

I was hoping over the last few weeks to get some table time with the list, but unfortunately life has been hectic with my kids nearing the end of school. So at this point I'm working TheoryHammer on using the army. I've used a list that is roughly similar at 1250 points, but the 2000 point list still hasn't had play time. This weekend will be a baptism in fire for the list, but I'm not expecting to have it perform horribly.

Tonight I'll have pics up of some of the army, as well as a middle of the work and end of the work pics of the display board.

This project has definitely taught me a few things though... deadlines suck when you have things throw the schedule out of whack... being overly picky about certain aspects of painting can throw your timetable out the window... less can be more, much more.

Until later!

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