Friday, March 16, 2012

Super Dungeon Explore! (A Review)

After seeing the figs and artwork associated with Super Dungeon Explore (SDE), I knew I'd have to pick up a copy eventually. When the chance to do so came up I jumped at the opportunity. Once it arrived I had to crack it open and take a look at the contents.

The box is pretty big, and the artwork on the box just awesome in so many ways. Super Deformed characters (hero and monster) have always had a bit of a place in my nerd-zone, so as I opened the box I just had to know how the figs will come out. 52 miniatures, 6 double sided game board sections, dice, tokens, etc. Basically a LOT of stuff, and all of it very well done.

The miniatures have a bit of an issue, some parts don't quite match up and need a bit of work to fit together. And there are gaps due to the molds they use, which can be reduced to negligible with a bit of work. But overall the figs are really nice, and truly fit the artwork.

Even if you don't plan to paint the figs, they are color coded for play, with the grey figs being the heroes and red the monsters. This makes it playable after a bit of construction in a short time. At this point I'm about 50% finished painting the heroes out of the box, but I didn't really do much 'clean-up' on them so there are gaps. I looked at this purchase as a chance to get a fun game to play with the family, and not a showcase for my modelling/painting skills.

The price tag of $89.99 may seem high, but for the amount of plastic pieces, as well as the quality, you are getting a huge deal with this game. Soda Pop Miniatures typically run from $12.95 and up, and all of these figs are high quality, I'd expect to pay a minimum of $15.95 for each if sold seperately by the company. (Keep in mind, there are 6 different single/multi packs of Special Edition/Limited Edition figs available directly from Soda Pop Miniatres as well).

I haven't had a chance to play yet, but reading through the rules brings to mind the time of 8-bit Nintendo games. And from my understanding that is exactly the feel the game designers were looking for, that Japanese Anime themed old school video game feel.

My stance is that if you want a game that will give you a fun time playing (and I'm sure it will), and a lot of fun painting figs, this is the game to buy.

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