Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sisters of Battle finished, and up for auction

The only thing that held me back from finishing the army finally arrived... backpacks. With that I got them done in no time flat. Overall this army came out quite a bit better than I expected, using the same technique as used on the War Sphinx in the WD article came out very interesting. Though using it on the tanks didn't really work nearly as well, I'll have to think on how to make it work better on larger surfaces. But now I have them up for bid on eBay.

Here are pics of the army (check the gadget on the side of the blog for a link to the auction if interested).

I totally admit... I'm a painter not a photographer... but I'm getting better, a little at least. All told this army was fun and a huge pain to deal with, for a lot of different reasons. Learned a big lesson during the work on this army, take breaks, paint other things or build other things, because doing the same handful of figs over and over can burn you out bad.

I really could use a better camera, but in this case a lot of the trouble was lighting in general... just too bright today and it messed with the light levels of the photographing area.

I'll be posting about my work on some other figs either tonight or tomorrow, been a busy bee this week. Oh, and a bit of a review of Super Dungeon Explore soon too... just unboxed it last night and started assembly of the figs. Looking forward to painting them up, they are all pretty cool.

Until later!

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