Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thunderwolf Cavalry, thoughts on the new box

With the release of the Thunderwolf Cav a lot of people are finally able to use one of the best units in the Space Wolves codex. While I won't down any of the alternative Tcav models out there, most are pretty awesome (even if the price tag is like a knife to the wallet on some), this is my take on the kit after taking 10 hours assembling and painting up the contents of one box (pics soon).

Upon opening the box there were 3 sprues, each containing one wolf, the accessories, weapons, and riders being spread across the three sprues. On first examination there seemed to be quite a lot of things on the sprue, but after a few minutes I realized that while there is a lot it isn't nearly as good a deal as the Space Wolf Pack box is. Sure there are about 100 or so pieces, but the weapons are a little sparce. 1 Thunder hammer, 1 frost weapon/power weapon, 2 bolters, a number of bolt pistols, 3 Storm Shields, 4 or so chainswords, 1 plasma pistol. While this is a good mix, I feel they should have added an alternative power/frost weapon to the sprues in addition to the axe. And maybe an additional t-hammer, but hey I just like having extra bits sometimes.

Assembly was the best I've seen from GW kits in some time. Even the alternative parts assembled easily and without much fuss. I have to give GW credit, they are getting better at assembly design on their kits.

I'll cover painting the kit in a post in a few days... kind of hard to get things organized this weekend with a birthday party for my youngest boy (I'll post up a pic with one of his bday presents... I painted up a replacement AoBR captain for him... errr... I kind of broked his original one so I HAD to make it up to him).

Until later!

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