Sunday, March 18, 2012

The things on the work desk... a new semi-regular feature

Seeing as I've enjoyed seeing the updates on others work desks, I've decided that it might be fun to do that as well. So I'll try to do this at least once, possibly twice a month.

For the first installment... Super Dungeon Explore, Thunderwolf Cavalry, and Fenrisian Wolves!

My always cluttered work space, Space Wolves in the front, SDE in the back.

The Angry Bear transformation for the Druid in SDE.

The nearly completed Druid from SDE.
I'm using Super Dungeon Explore (SDE) as my 'venting and relaxing' work between main projects now. The figs are a TON of fun to paint, and let me go with an anime style of painting. It's a great relaxation to not have to work on 'realistic' skin work, shadow/highlight, and other things. Anime style painting is so much more about shadow and less about highlights, plus the use of more pastel coloring.

My Blood Wolf T-cav w/Frost Blade.

The Thunderwolf Cavalry are roughly 98% finished, just a few bits of detail work, and a little work on the faces to fix a couple of issues. The wolves are still in the wash stages, as I'm working on adjusting their patterning through washes before I go in for highlighting and such. I've downloaded dozens of pictures of real wolves to help with dealing with them, and the variation in patterning of the fur is pretty amazing. Going with one solid coat and not adjusting for pattern just does wolf models a total disservice.

A few examples from my wolf picture library.

As you can see, even in the 'solid' areas there are a number of variations. While I'm not going for 'perfect' with my wolves, I am working towards a somewhat natural look in my painting.

On a side note... my camera is good... but I really do need a better camera for taking close in pics. Only so much you can do with a middle of the road digital camera at times.

Until later!

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