Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Menoth pics, and WIP/PIP shots.

Hate my camera, all the warcaster pics came out blurry so those will be redone tomorrow. But these pics came out nicely after a color fix in the image editor (can't seem to get rid of the yellow cast in pics). Sorry about the delay in posting these up... kind of got sucked into painting some other things and lost track of things.

Without further ado...

Blood of Martyrs. Minor touch-up and he'll be finished

Exemplar Cinerators. Very fun unit to paint and field.

WIP not the greatest pic. At this point I'm only roughly 60% finished, but making great progress.

Sealant disaster... picked up the flat can not the matte can... and well... for some reason the flat is semi-gloss.

Another sealant disaster, as I sealed him at the same time as the Daughters...

Revenger and Repenter. Loved working on these jacks, but I think I'll go in and add a little more paint work soon.
I'll be posting up pics of Thyra and pFeora tomorrow, as well as update pics of the Sisters of Battle (I'm 'nearly' finished with them... painted 7 tanks and 20 figs for them in the last 24 hours). At this point with the SoB I have to do the bases, and fully paint 2 converted figs, and they will be finished.

Until later!


  1. Thanks, took me about 30 minutes to decide on how to go about working on it. But the effect is coming along nicely, and I used the same effect on a SoB Rhino about 6 hours ago too.