Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sisters of Battle WIP, Deathwatch HQ WIP, and random painting

(Note: My camera is ticking me off, I take no pride in the quality of the pics here... gotta figure out how I borked the camera, now onto the post)

Taking a break from the buildings. So here I am looking at my semi-worked on Sisters of Battle and decided to get back to work on them. At the start of yesterday they were all black primed, and some had blue tabards. But today after about 10 hours of work on nearly 30 of the sisters I decided to go with a somewhat odd for me choice, monochromatic.

All the blue tabards will be gone, but possibly one may stay on the Cannoness (haven't decided). And they will all be monochromatic using red. I'd already decided to do the armor as chaos black>2x Baal Red washings>Gore Red highlight>Baal Red wash>Blood Red edge highlight>Baal Red wash. This gives the armor a somewhat similar affect as the White Dwarf article on how they painted up the War Sphinx a few issues back (maybe 4-6 issues, can't remember).

Now I've decided that the monochrome effect will be used, so I'm using gore red on all the tabards, edge highlights and spatial highlighting with watered down blood red, then a baal red wash, then a gryphone sepia wash. The sepia wash really helps to bring the color back to a more muted 'cloth' like color.

Here are some work in progress pics (I'm not even half done with all the Sisters infantry figs yet...):

I also took the time this week to put together the first fig for the Deathwatch charity project, a Blood Angels Watch Commander.

and on top of that got to work on a fig from Mad Puppet Miniatures, Bellatrix. Overall I don't like how it's turning out, and I'll probably give it a soak in Purple Power and start over. But it won't hurt to get some comments on the current state of the fig.

As you can see in all the pics, I have a TON of figs on it, vehicles, hobby stuff... basically my work space is a horrible mess of 'I'll get to this project next'. Hate how that happened. But as I get the Sisters done I'll get more organized, it's been kind of a hurdle for me for the last 2 months.

Until later!

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