Sunday, February 12, 2012

Monochrome Sisters of Battle WIP

As my last post covered, I've decided to go monochromatic with my Sisters of Battle using red. Overall this color scheme is coming out very striking, and different than many SoB armies I've seen over the years. At first I worried that it would all end up blending together, but the contrasts have helped keep it from happening.

I got more work done today on them, and here are some more WIP pics.

I've decided to continue with this scheme throughout the army, and I've also decided that the symbols, buttons, and other things will be in greys. And that I'll be doing several of the sisters as non-caucasion (though I haven't decided on any one racial type). It's obvious from the pics that I'm getting pretty damn good at skin... have to admit I enjoy painting female figs, and I've been practicing a lot on skin. I'll be using this army to practice a few skin types I haven't really worked on much, namely asian and African based skin tones.

All the 'leather' for the figs in this army will be black, with grey highlights (very very very dark grey). I'm still debating putting in some metallics, possibly brass. OSL for plasma pistols and the vent coils on plasma pistols I believe will be in a green. I find that green for plasma coils and the OSL for them works very well.

Power weapons, like the cannoness has in her pic, are definitely a work in progress. I haven't settled on exactly how I'll do them, but I only have a few in the whole army (that happens when you buy lots off eBay to build an army). I think I may go with a marbling effect, as I do have natural sea sponges to work with, but I'm not 100% set on that. My typical way of doing things is to paint up from a shade to a highlight, then line in 'lightning', then wash the weapon a few times not always with one wash color or ink but usually 2-4 different ones and stick to the 'formula' throughout an army.

Until later!

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